How to Emoji Music: Ben Levin and I sit down and try to make music out of emojis…to predictably wacky results. Emojis are ambiguous yet meaningful…just like music, so this was a fun experiment.

Ben levin’s super cool YouTube channel


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How to Emoji Music

Author by: Adam Neely



  1. This is actually really cool. When I want inspiration for music I listen to obscure music, like Merzbow

  2. Ben's song has some poliphya and Zappa vibes to it. You are both extremely talented musicians, you should wrote an album with the concept of this video!

  3. 12:30 i suffer immensely from this. its a lifelong goal of mine to be musical and have novelty in my ideas. its hard trying to expand on musicality and creativity when you yourself are a critic and expect similar experiences from your own music that you get from people you enjoy listening to. its hard getting over the embarrassment because you, as an artist, want to fulfill that feeling in your music, and when taste and skill are disproportionate to each other it leaves the artist feeling stale and lacking quality in their ideas. this kind of self deprecating feedback loop is really hard to shake. this video is awesome because it highlights why being embarrassed is such a moot point. i really like this video.

  4. This is so sick dudes. I've been doing this type of reharmonization on my channel with guitar riffs based on dialogue in well-known movie and tv scenes, but mostly going off the rhythmic content alone as opposed to what's there melodically. This definitely has me thinking more about the latter, so thank you and LOVE YOU

  5. FOR THE NEXT Q&A. Do you think it's possible to hear and feel the song "Vardavar" in 4/4 as it is in full tempo? Also do you know whether the Tigran trio hears it that way (in 4/4) or if they divide the bar into sections according to the accents? Happy quarantine from Finland!

  6. Ben's approach was more musical; Adam's was more conversational. I think you should invite Mononeon to play this game.

  7. Dude, almost at 1m subscribers!
    People, let's make that possible, now it feels weird when I see my phone upsidedown and see 666 😂


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