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Don’t look like a savage when out with your spicy senorita or attending an event. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is presenting tips to dine like a gentleman.
Before Heading Out
Before heading out, call to see if the restaurant takes reservations. Also, take cash with you even if you plan to pay on your credit card so you can tip the valet if used. If you’re going to a person’s house for dinner, be sure to bring a host gift with you. A nice bottle of wine will do the trick.

After You’ve Arrived
No matter where you’re dining, turn off your phone so you don’t look trashy, rude, and clueless. Take your napkin and place it across your lap. Never rest your elbows on the table, and never ever yell or say ‘hey’ to the server.

Place Settings

Work from the outside in with the utensils. The smaller fork is for salad, and when you are finished with it, place it on your salad plate for the server to remove. The soup spoon will be removed if you are not having soup. The utensils closest to the plate are typically for the main entrees. Sometimes if you are having steak or pork, the knife will be replaced with a more substantial knife.

The Meal Has Been Served
Pick up the main utensils and cut one bite at a time with your left time while properly utilizing the utensils (refer to Alpha’s demonstration). Eat slowly and savor your meal. Don’t belch or pick your teeth at the table. When you complete your meal, place your utensils on the plate which indicates that they need to be removed. As for dessert, utensils will be brought by the server.

How to Treat Your Server
ALWAYS say please and thank you to the server as well as tip 20% for standard service. If you asked her to dinner, pay the check. With a group of people, ask to split the bill even if something they ordered was a little more expensive. Don’t break out the calculator because it gets weird at that point.

How to Eat Like a Gentleman: RULES ALL Men Should Follow!

Author by: alpha m.