How To Dodge In Resident Evil 3 Remake | Perfect Dodge Tutorial & Tips | Counterattack: RE3 Remake Dodge Roll & The Perfect Dodge
How Do You Dodge In Resident Evil 3?

I am not the greatest gamer in the world, but I put about 30 hours into the demo to try to answer everyone’s questions. The biggest questions I get are “How do you dodge Nemesis in the Resident Evil 3 REmake and How do I do a perfect dodge in Re3 Remake” and many people have requested a RE3 REmake Dodge Tutorial. So here ya go! This was the best I could do. If you have more suggestions and tips leave them in the comments!

In this video we talk about the Perfect Dodge, the RE2 REmake Dodge, the Lucky Dodge, the Emergency & Perfect Dodge and the Perfect Dodge Counterattack.

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How To Dodge In Resident Evil 3 Remake | Perfect Dodge Tutorial & Tips | Counterattack

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  1. Good point by several commenters. There is actually another dodge, an emergency dodge. this happens when you press Aim at the right moment. I think that may be for beginners. That dodge happened to me Once in 20 hours of playing and thousands of dodges. I think once you learn the dodge button, it is pretty useless, and maybe just randomly will save you when you are panic firing. Or perhaps it works better against Hunters like in the original game. Any thoughts or ideas?

  2. I'm so impressed by the zombie dodging. I'm terrible at it to the point it felt worthless to try and not just run around them or shoot. Nemesis timing is the instant whichever attack will make impact with Jill so you can dodge almost like a rhythm game where the "beat" would be the impact with Jill's face.

    The zombies though don't telegraph their grabs so I'm guessing you have to trigger the dodge the moment they begin their animation (when they are close). I got ONE perfect dodge on my playthrough of a zombie and it was only because he was far enough away that I could see him lunging, but as you show that's just easier to turn around and make him whiff lol.

    I've only played once, so time to practice, but thanks, I was going to ignore dodging zombies entirely until this.

  3. Guys, what u recommend ??? I don’t know if learn perfect dodge on the demo or just wait till the game get launched (so that way i will “maybe” enjoy more the game)??

  4. You forgot to include Offensive Knife Retreat

    Its when you combo the knife with the analog stick and Jill would do a strong stab and step back a few meter from the target. Ita helpful for a quick retreat or to secure a space while doing stab damage to a zomb.

  5. they should let stay the defensive weapon method just like the 1 and 2. it will be great help to escape from Nemesis.

  6. Every time people say, "the dodge", I think of Al Bundy's crappy car from Married With Children. 😂

  7. “Fight Nemesis with knife only” sheesh, it may only be the demo but this RE3 knife seemss seems a lot weaker. Pass…

  8. Thanks for this great video. Question about the perfect counter. Do you only hold down the aiming trigger and when Jill pops up will she automatically fire your weapon, or do you have to press the aim and then the shoot trigger to fire your weapon. Like can you just hold down the aim button and will she fire or do you have to press the shoot trigger also?

  9. Dodging has ruined this game. Making Jill close to untouchable. Takes away the survival horror element. She is overpowered now. Don’t care for it at all. Takes all fear from the gameplay.

  10. Can Jill shoot when she's laying on the ground after a Nemesis punch? I've had the crosshair appear sometimes, but I wasn't able to shoot yet.


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