How to do the NEW DAMAGE GLITCH in The Division 2 on Console!: How to do the NEW DAMAGE GLITCH in The Division 2 on Console!

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Welcome back to The Division 2. In this video we’re doing the new damage glitch so the game is fun again. Want 30 million damage on your Baker’s Dozen? Abuse it, just NOT in PvP! I hope you enjoy 😀

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How to do the NEW DAMAGE GLITCH in The Division 2 on Console!

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  2. Well, if 95% of players is glitching…
    Something's wrong with the game, not players
    We need shorter grinding time and more endgame content just like pretty much every other looter shooter

  3. People are being little snitches saying this is bad and stupid. I just wanna say if yal think this is bad then don’t even think about it or just pretend it doesn’t exist. Nobody is asking or forcing you to do it. This GLITCH is only for players who is struggling on legendary missions or farming for specific gears and weapons. I understand other players are abusing it by trying to bring it in to PVP that’s understandable but why not just mind your own business and let the DEVs find out themselves. Like if there’s a glitch why the f*ck not just go with it and why be against it? I’ll admit it I’m trash myself and I need this GLITCH for the legendary missions which I’ve already now beaten all and receive the rewards I need🙂 so the ones that are against this glitch stop being a little girl being butthurt because you think this ruins the way of the grind. Just grind it your way and let others do it their way. Because the way other players do it like this GLITCH is not a major concern to you.

  4. Anyone who does this is gonna get banned 100% as tempting as it is I'm not gonna do it because I'd rather not be banned.

  5. This game so broken so that to do this to even up the scaling for NPC is crazy nobody is playing with more then 3 or two ppl now

  6. The fact I do this and still can’t beat the first part of a legendary mission shows how shitty of a game this is. I remember why I stopped play shortly after the dlc came out. If I can’t spam my abilities why can a normal civilian turned enemy do it? Am I not supposed to be a top of the line agent?

  7. The absolute worst thing about this glitch is doing it and then having a crash or a server error. I swear they seem more and more common as of late.

  8. Dude, what are you doin ??? You know enabling this bullshit isn't good for the game. Kinda disappointed you would put exploits on your channel. Plus this is no way to earn points that would make a developer say B2G is a good candidate for Alpha testing… just an opinion 🙁

  9. I Did it. Abit. Raised Damage To bout 1M & the game actually felt Balanced On Heroic. I wreck NPCs they can wreck me both fragile. Really was awesome then tried Legendary & got Fked Up. Was Still very Fun though . Hope they don't fix it soon. & like one more day to abuse it ^^

  10. I love how quick they patch exploits that make the game fun but take their time when players are getting shafted.


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