How To Do 7 CRAZY Magic Tricks Revealed!

How To Do 7 CRAZY Magic Tricks Revealed!

How to do top amazing magic tricks revealed! Learn the secrets to the best magic illusions and magic tricks you can do in minutes! Easy magic tricks with playing cards, top sleight of hand moves, and some of the greatest most visual magic illusions in the world! A tutorial for learning magicians secrets such as the Wilting Flower illusion, Levitation, and the magic invisible corner trick! Subscribe for more how to magic videos!

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Playing Cards • Wire • Tape • Wilting Flower Trick • Plastic Grocery Bag • Magic Pen • Oreos • Spoon • Fork • Mug • Alka Seltzer • Cooking Oil • Food Coloring • Water • Glass

Magic Tricks Revealed in this Video ↴
The Magic Invisible Corner Floating Card Trick
Wilting Flower Magic Trick Revealed
Invisible Ball in Plastic Grocery Bag Trick
Magic Alka Seltzer Lava Lamp Trick
Oreo Cookie Eat and Restore Trick Revealed
Magic Spoon Flip into Cup Trick Tutorial
Pen Mark on Face Magic Trick Explanation

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