How To: DIY Squat Rack & Bench Press Rack for $50: Best Squat Racks for 2020 ↓↓↓↓
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With so many gyms closed, I thought it would be helpful to show you how to make the most budget-friendly squat rack ever. This is a squat rack and bench press rack that can be made for less than $50 all in and although it’s not the most stable or feature-filled, you can get plenty strong using it.

I would not suggest benching out of it without a spotter or using some sort of spotting system.

Strength Co Video:

Build and use at your own risk.

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How To: DIY Squat Rack & Bench Press Rack for $50

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  1. As stated in the video, would prefer people buy a squat rack for safety purposes. However, I know of multiple people that have lifted on this type of squat stand for years without any issues. Learn how to safely dump the bar off your back and don't bench without a spotter.

  2. You could get some brackets and anchor it to the wall studs to make it more secure. I might actually do this. Seems like a space saver.

  3. Just finished building this. Went pretty smooth and was a great option considering every website is sold out of everything. Thanks coop!

  4. If anyones gonna really try to do this at least buy some extra wood and make a wide triangle for the bottom

  5. Some tense moments watching this… Every lift was a stretch with no casualties… until he did the bench press… That was like hitting the brakes on a car heading to a cliff. Still laughing on his reaction… His reaction was like: "Yep, is dangerous… don't do it… save yourselves 50 bucks". But still enjoyed the process.

  6. I have a similar set up. I dig four holes about 2 feet deep in my back yard and used 4 4×4 and some concrete to sturdy them. I can do pull ups, over head press, squats, bench. I attached a couple of chains between them as “safety bars” since i usually lift alone.

  7. I’m pretty happy rn. My local gym gave out all its equipment to members until they reopen so I got a setup

  8. Spreading the concrete like using rectangular containers instead of buckets and spending a few more bucks adding wooden frame support at the bottom can make it a lot more stable but really great and cheap idea for beginners.

  9. I’m glad I found this video. I’ve been debating with myself if I should buy a cheap squat with pull up par or just build one. Now I’ll build one out of 4x4s then use 2x4s for the rack portion.

  10. Yeah man! I lived in the Philippines 4 years ago, its all diy lat pulldown, barbells, plates. My bench was welded for less than $10, got 200kgs worth of plates done. Love this man

  11. The only change I'd make is go to Target and pay an extra couple of bucks and get the 17 gallon big plastic toy buckets for $8 each. They have a wider footprint for better stability and can have more weight added to them if that's your thing.

  12. Could skew the uprights to a wall and use some 2×4's as a "spacer" to make it sit out from your wall a foot or so this would make it much more sturdy and not want to fall over backwards

  13. please do not build this thing. at 0.23 you can see the right hand side rocking when the barbell connects. you should never have to carefully place a loaded bar back – you should be able to slam it forward and trust that the rack will take it. this is going to hurt people.

  14. Hey Coop. I see your $50 2×4 rack and raise you by going all in on 16 $1.10 cinder blocks (8 per side). Throw a couple ratty old towels on top to protect the bar. Total cost less than $20.

  15. Goes to the effort of spending a lot of money on a Olympic bar and weights but spends £50 on the rack lol

  16. You'd be better off making a base out of wood too instead of the buckets. Plus a cross bar across the top.


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