How to Destroy a Prosperous Country | Interview w/ a Venezuelan: John sits down with Multi-Cultural Frank, a Venezuelan native, to discuss how socialist ideals never really translate into a healthy country. From firsthand experiences, to current statistics, this interview really exposes the dangers of giving government more control of the economy as well as the right to bear arms.

If you’ve ever bought something from, Frank is who you interact with for support. He is also an integral part of developing class schedules, booking new ranges, and making sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be. He just graduated college with a business degree in International Commerce with a concentration in French… hence the “multi-cultural”.

As our team grows, we hope to incorporate more interviews around topics they can each speak towards and it just so happened that Frank’s experiences seemed relevant to certain policies currently being forced through Virginia’s governing bodies. Warrior Poet Society tries to avoid inflammatory political debates and stand on the facts of history, both the modern history of other countries as well as the United States and the history of ancient societies.

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How to Destroy a Prosperous Country | Interview w/ a Venezuelan

Author by: Warrior Poet Society