How To Deal With Life In Quarantine: How To Deal With Life In Quarantine
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How To Deal With Life In Quarantine

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  1. We feel the stress because we are sold on the idea that success equals to how much money we have. Only until I seen past it did i stop feeling the worry. Life is short term. I believe we are here to help each other. As a child i was taught the lesson of how to make it is if i had stuff that someone else has. Free your heart mind and soul. Be kind toward others. Today is all we have as tomorrow isnt promised.

  2. So confused while you value monetary objects over your soul. What is happening is a great lesson for learning. Opportunity to see

  3. Kindness and protectiveness are the masks that socialism leftists wear to control the masses. Promoting fear and guilt are the key psychological tools and skills of control.

  4. Funny a gal said the guys kinda cute not dave. Forget c virus think of the important things the guy being kinda cute.

  5. I still get baffled how I'm watching these mothers take selfies with their children every second doing math homework . How about giving your children real education?
    How to save and invest money 101
    How nobody gets a trophy in life
    How to balance a checkbook
    How not to be taken advantage of

    If more parents did that, kids would treat school as a joke when they go back.

  6. That’s right, right, that’s exactly right, that’s right! Right. That’s right.



  7. Hi Dave. I lost my job due to the Corona Virus, went through all my savings and most of my nest egg and my clunker got repossessed….so I can't get a job delivering pizza, or work for Uber.
    Dave- what's your house worth?
    Me: I'm homeless it's hopeless..
    Dave: There is always something you can do…:p

  8. Oh for crying out loud!!! Millennials aren't the tiktok generation! We're tired of getting thrown under the bus! If going to talk bad about a generation, at least get it right.

  9. My household income is $200k. I’ve got 80k in cc debt and I have $13 in savings. I can’t stop buying toilet paper>cleanliness is net to godliness. What do I do!? 🤣

  10. DR: "good lord who's the doctor in the family" scoffs at doctor of anything except MD.
    also DR: "I'm joined by Dr. D, PhD in counseling."

  11. You don't eat as much when you stay at home. Why you need that much of grocery? The grocery in my area is very sufficient except for toilet paper.


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