How to Deal With Depression: In a previous video, where we did 7 signs of depression, we talked about potential symptoms of depression including losing interest in what you previously enjoyed, changes in sleep patterns, isolating yourself etc. If you see yourself identifying with these signs and you’re wondering how do you deal with depression, then this video is for you. Dealing with depression is not easy, especially when the depression has persisted for a really long time. However, if you find yourself ever slightly just getting out of the depression boat, some steps that you could take are:

Every time a negative thought pops up in your mind, counter it by thinking of three positive ones. Think of yourself as the artist of your life, creating a masterpiece you would love to live in. Become the person who the 5 years old you would have been proud of. Start by picking up new hobbies you’ve always wanted to try. Look up colleges or universities that can prepare you for your dream career. Join a club or take classes that will allow you to meet new people. Surround yourself with friends and family who can pick you up on the bad days.

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How to Deal With Depression

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