How to create barcodes in Excel that WORK!: Find out how you can create UPC-A barcodes in Excel. I tested the barcode with a scanner and it works! You can download the Excel file and use it to generate your own barcode or use it to learn Excel (thank you Pete for sharing).

The solution is a good mix of Excel formulas such as the MOD function, Excel Text functions like LEFT, RIGHT & MID functions as well as Conditional formatting and some Excel VBA. The final result, i.e. the Excel barcode is recognized by the barcode scanner.

If you’d like to learn more about VBA, check out my playlist here:

Source of the image used in the workbook is from this video – In One Lesson – “How barcodes Work”:

Thank you Pete for sharing this awesome barcode tool with us!

⯆ DOWNLOAD the workbook from here (scroll to the bottom):

LINK to VBA arrays video:
Pete’s other video contribution to converts numbers to words:

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How to create barcodes in Excel that WORK!

Author by: Leila Gharani