How To Border Your Home From Coronavirus: Experts say that you need to create a border around your home to protect from the coronavirus, and that border begins when you take out the garbage. There are many smalls steps that need to be taken into account to make sure the disease does not carry from one surface to another. We met a homeowner from Long Island who is taking extreme safety precautions to make sure her family stays safe – from wiping down deliveries to using a special opener for boxes that come to their home.

How To Border Your Home From Coronavirus

Author by: Inside Edition



  1. My OCD comes in handy during this crisis.
    It may be over exaggerated, but hey, that's how germs and pathogens behave!

  2. Caption how to protect yourself from cronuvirus

    Standing right next to each other

  3. I mean I can get the thing with the scrubs, and pets and fruits; you don’t know who’s been touching them, or where they’ve been. I even wiped down my library books (just the covers/outsides) with disinfectant wipes because…well, public library, god knows where people’s hands have been or if they’ve been washing them.

    but the packages…that’s a little excessive. A disinfectant wipe (or a rag with 70% rubbing alcohol on it if you don’t have them) should be more than enough. Then just like, wash your hands, no need to make that big a thing of it.

  4. Aren’t these people ashamed of themselves? Have we really reached the point where we’re afraid of bringing opening a box with our hands?

  5. How bout those pink kicks Karen is sporting! Pink fuzzy bedroom slippers for PPE and getting a child to do decontamination! This was hilarious! Watch as they use a "Special Tool" to open the package. What was that thing? A shrimp fork? How do yall still manage to find these people during a pandemic?


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