How to Become Stronger as a Couple During Tough Times: Special Edition G&E Show: Tune in to the G and E Show as we discuss how to get stronger during times such as this. The fact is, not only are many businesses struggling, but couples are having a hard time not even knowing how to deal with so much time together being quarantined. Here’s some strategies and tips to get you through the coming weeks!

How to Become Stronger as a Couple During Tough Times: Special Edition G&E Show

Author by: Grant Cardone



  1. CARDONE love the content man! I’ve taken your advice, jumped out of my safe zone and now I’m on my way to making a million! I’ve even just created a youtube channel to follow my progress & hold myself accountable. I have just dropped a video. I would love some support/Feedback. So please hit subscribe and check it out. Peace.

  2. Don't give up on Grant no matter what, in these tuff days he needs you more than ever. Strong and together you will make it through. "Winners don't quite and quiters do win" GC

  3. I noticed Grant Cardone has worn a hat lately at all times while on video.
    One recent video he lifted his hat and rubbed his head very quick without thinking then remembered he was on camera and put his hat back down just as quick, while making sure his hand covered the top of his head from the camera.
    I dont believe in coincidence, and I know Grant joked about him having hairplugs a long time ago which I'm sure is actually true.
    So he's probably out getting new hairplugs, and will probably have his hat off next video or very soon after that now that he'll have a head full of hair again.

  4. We believe in both of u,
    Surely god will bless u,
    Stay strong and we wish u ' ll be greater at the end of this catastrophic situation.

  5. You are a guck head and scammer ….!!! I hope you end up in Jail !!! Billionaire laughing my ass off 😂😂😂and has to fire people after 2 weeks crises … you have no value more integrity including you B actress bitch no one knew or ever heard off!!!

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  7. Sounds like her hypergamy is starting to kick in now that grant is about to lose a lot of his wealth. This chick has already packed it in. Never marry down, always up boys!

  8. I haven't watched much , but I had to lay off a bunch of people in the crash of 2008. It was hard and brought me to my knees . I felt for each and everyone one of those families . Some things are beyond our control . I will never forget that feeling of being helpless . You have to do what you have to do to become lean and strong . This bad time will pass. Build your house on less debt . Empires crumble. Reset , give the business the space to grow , but without so much debt. Best of luck

  9. Keep going hard . I support both of you from nz. Dont worry about haters. You have to look after yourself and investors. Stay positive God bless

  10. Looks like your good! Tuff times my ball sack. 😂😂😂 if we are all in this let me stay at your condo.

  11. That's basically the way I need to be, just like you, healthy, happy a great family and a real business man. Ooh I'm 16 ,I'm all the way from Jamaica. How I came across your channel it's complicated. But really from watching your videos I'm Really following your foot steps.

  12. "We are all connected/we are all in this together." You weren't saying that when you were riding high on a 50 million dollar jet high on life… but now that you are going broke we are on this together?? Uh-oh, I don't think so. My money ain't your money. Drop the scammer… I might reconsider.

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  14. How to be a strong couple is I will lay-off my workers and own a 50 million dollar plane. Build my business on debt. Complete nonsense.

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  16. EC
    "I wanna keep his equipment in good health"

    Me: I need my girl to keep MY equipment in good health too

  17. hey, anybody knows a pitch when you are pitching in a total cold calling situation and you don't know the name of the desition maker? (B2B ideally) I hear tons of advices when you know who you are trying to talk to, which is the ideal scenario, but what happens if just pick a number from google maps or a facebook fanpage and call a business?

  18. “A bend in the road is not the end of the road… Unless you fail to make the turn.” – HK

  19. From Brazil. Listen to your great way of thinking. Yes, for the first time in my life I'm forced to ask help to my Family. It's just hard for me to do that. But as you say, is a luxury now to worry about the way others judge us. Well done! Congrats.


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