How to Become a Tank in Destiny 2…: How to Become a Tank in Destiny 2…

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How to Become a Tank in Destiny 2...

Author by: Ehroar



  1. Try this loadout on
    Nezarec devour warlock + demolitionist on this sidearm + ench ashes to assets. And change warmind's protection on cellular suppression. Just try it! ))

  2. What do you think about the "Medic" mod where destroying a cell heals nearby allies and yourself? Or maybe that's not available yet?

  3. Leaving a Like. Not only because I enjoyed the content, but in hopes that RNG blesses me with a Full-Auto Seraph Sidearm. Wasn't even sure it COULD get Full-Auto after 12 drops… Thanks for having one, Ehroar. 😅

  4. Stacking this with a barrier mod would be pretty nuts. Like last season solo poh was easy cause of protective light+hive barrier but now it’s gotta be pretty much afk

  5. With how much damage you take would mask of the quiet one make a bit of sense? Cause healing during red bar would be killer until you are able to get your over shield back

  6. Slight improvement to be made with using taking charge instead of warmind's light, then throw on a recuperation on your class item.
    Taking charge allows you to pick up orbs even if you have a full super as well as gives you x1 charged with light on an orb pickup.
    Combined with recuperation for a chunk of healing on every orb pickup. You would just need to rearrange the mod setup a bit to accommodate. But from looking at the gameplay it looks like it could fill in some gaps in the build.

  7. ddint know i hate the seraph gusn most of them are so trash . hope they will be a mod to get the warmind cells with normal guns than i maybe switch to this build and leave the charge light shield build behind

  8. Can you combine this with the mod that suppresses nearby enemies when you damage the cell? It looks like a lot of times when you're in the thick of it you don't get the overshield because the enemies just immediately pop it


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