How to be Stoic in a Crisis: When a crisis is upon us, how can we deal with it in a Stoic way?

Cuts, voice, footage, script by Einzelgänger. I used creative commons (links below) and some material from Storyblocks (links available upon request). This video is not monetized.

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How to be Stoic in a Crisis

Author by: Einzelgänger



  1. I don't understand how come there's no more human development classes or any for that matter in school I think we all need to learn how to deal with outy emotions

  2. Given that most of the crisis exists mainly in people's head, it should be that difficult to remain stoic.
    As long as Corona is less lethal than HIV and kills less people than traffic, I'll take the attitude that most people take to those lifethreats.
    I actuaklly worry about what weeks of soletary confinement will do to single people more, but it seems that noone else in our selfish society does.

  3. IDK what your mental state is during all of this, but you should be productive right now, more than ever.

    Learn a language, clean your room, start up a YouTube channel etcetera. We have a very unique time during our lives and we all have no excuses for laziness.

  4. Thank you for this channel friend. So grateful for the knowledge you share. Hope you are flourishing within this crisis

  5. Ya, just like Seneca fled to Greece with the Roman Senate…that side lost. He got all stoic chatty after his pupil Nero became emperor, repatriated and Seneca was a rich kid, silver spoon fed to start with. Easy to talk then. And Aurelius, easy to talk when the emperor of the most powerful military in the World back then. Still, good thought bsut suspect origins.

  6. Great video! I just saw this while I was uplading my own video about the pandemic and the fear people have because of it. I put your video on my endcard 😉

  7. Thanks you I have been struggling to get my head around some peoples selfish and inconsiderate behaviour here in U.K at the moment your video really helped

  8. I have found your videos about stoicism really interesting and useful and have gone on from here to read "Meditations" (Marcus Aurelius) and "How to be a Stoic" by Massimo Pigliucci. (I am about half way through both books.) Being a science teacher I tend towards a view of the world which is consistent with methodological naturalism.

    I was wondering, in your view, what are the links between stoicism and methodological naturalism? In the Pigliucci book is says that stoicism is based in physics (natural sciences), logic and ethics. So would it be accurate to say that there is an overlap between the two philosophies, or even that stoicism builds ethics into phylosophical naturalism? I'm really very new to philosophy so I would value your take on it.

    Many thanks!

  9. You should accept things you cant control, BUT be wary of Fatalistic Attitiudes that may form……

    Do not confuse things you can control (even if its hard) to the things that you cant control

  10. Those in power should watch and Learn, but sadly they are the ones safeguarding their own position and encouraging those in fear to do the same

  11. From what I've seen, it appears as though a lot of people want this to be worse to justify their hysteria.
    I just accept plague as part of life and nature.
    But I have no time for the overly emotional, hysterical types, nor the arrogant apathetic ones either.
    Sensible behaviour required, cashing in is monstrous, as is panic buying

  12. Crisis is the time to see the true colors of people.if you can smile in a crisis,you are wise.

  13. Be Calm, before,during,and after the storm. in doing so you ride the storm and do not let it ride you.

    Well the only thing that i can think is to Die Stoically like Shirohige in case something happens, Standing tall and proud never turning his back or running away and Smiling at death…

  14. Rand pointed out that the proponents of Altruism always wanted to use Catastrophic or Emergency seniors to illustrate the need for "Their" philosophy. 2 men in a Life-raft and only enough water for one…burning building with someone else's child inside….ect ect. She drew attention to the fact that Life was not lived in a Catastrophic state. If it was, no Life would be possible. That during such an Emergency a "Specific" set of Ethics or Moral Code was needed….but once the Crisis was quelled Man needed to return to a Philosophy for Life that was beneficial for Man … and not detrimental. Example: Your neighbors house is on fire and you run in to save his child. But this does not mean you wake up every day and drive around looking for burning buildings to run into. Or … “Is it ok to lie” ??? ….under normal situations, no. But if a madman had a gun to your child's head, would it be ok…IMO yes.

  15. One thing Stoicism lacks that happens during times of suffering and crisis is a deep craving of meaning in ones life.. I believe having a balance of existentialism and stoicism will keep everyone grounded during these times. 🙏

  16. Staying at home is the easiest part… The hardest is confronting friends, family and other people who don't want to believe in the epidemic, or worse, try to enjoy life as usual now while they 'can'.

  17. Thankyou for this insight. I love your videos and always feel a sense of calm afterwards. Practice tranquility over your minds and be kind to everyone.

  18. Beautiful voice, beautiful ideas. Everything is outstanding in this video. Thank you 👍👍👍👍

  19. How to be a stoic in a crisis? Easy! Just don’t care. I mean, the virus is fake anyway and nothing but population control. But people will never see the bigger picture, so we’re all fucked. Lool

  20. Here's Shadow truth. Today I spoke with a lady who will shoot staving people begging for food. She's a nice lady, but do come begging at her door. I like Stoicism because I must be self reliant. The truth is the homeless are still sleeping in shelters and on the streets.


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