How to *actually* jump/bump start a vehicle.: 1.make sure the transmission is in park or clutch is depressed and in neutral
2.check for loose or damaged battery and connections
3.get jumper cables, make sure clamps are not touching
4.start donor vehicle
5.ensure battery voltage and polarity of donor and dead vehicle are the same
6.attach one end positive (red) clamp to donor battery positive
7.attach same end negative (black) clamp to donor chassis or battery negative
8.attach other end positive (red) clamp to dead vehicle battery positive
9.attach other end negative (black) clamp to dead vehicle battery negative
10. allow a few minutes for donor vehicle to charge dead vehicle
11. start dead vehicle
12. disconnect negative (black) clamp from dead vehicle chassis
13. disconnect positive (red) clamp from dead vehicle
14. disconnect positive and negative clamps from donor vehicle
15. high five your adoring frenemies!

How to *actually* jump/bump start a vehicle.

Author by: AvE



  1. I had a Mercedes 240D and the user manual said that the automatic version could be tow-started by towing it to 30mph, in neutral, and dropping it into Drive.

  2. I tell ya what those handy dandy batteries you can throw in the trunk are pretty helpful when your old one can't fart out 2 amps and it's twenty below! You know you need a new battery when you can't turn the car off for more than five seconds without getting out the jumper.

  3. We blew the top off my cousins 77 Monte's Interstate… That fucker went into low Earth orbit and left one hell of a dent in the underside of the hood…. LOL You'll only do it once…

  4. I think starter usually only turn the engine over at around 250 rpm. The safest gear to bump start would be probably about 3 or 4 assuming 4th gear is direct drive

  5. How not to die, while fixing something you shouldn’t have let happen in the first place.

    (I say this knowing two of my three vehicles probably have dead batteries)

  6. I've read that it is possible to push start (neutral drop into drive) a Mercedes OM617 diesel from the 1980's, even at low speeds. I haven't tried it, but this coming from seemingly reputable shade tree mechanics on the internet.

  7. You could still roll-start our 1959 Galaxy, the transmission had a front in hydraulic pump. Not anymore.


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