How the Government Botched the Coronavirus Response (LegalEagle’s Real Law Review): The Trump Administration’s response has not been . . . perfect or beautiful
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Throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, an ominous question has hung in the air: How would he handle a truly serious crisis? Now we know. The novel corona-virus pandemic has infected more than 200,000 people around the world to date and is spreading rapidly in the U.S. Experts project that COVID-19, the respiratory disease that corona-virus causes, could afflict millions worldwide and kill hundreds of thousands of Americans. … The 45th President made matters worse.
A few weeks after the outbreak began in China’s Hubei province in December, U.S. health officials warned Trump of the seriousness of the threat. But in his first public comments about the virus, on Jan. 22, Trump told the public he wasn’t worried. “Not at all,” he said. “We have it totally under control.” Throughout February, Trump dismissed Democrats’ alarm about the virus as their new “hoax,” blamed “the Democrat policy of open borders” for the pathogen’s spread and insisted that his Jan. 31 decision to restrict travel from China had contained the outbreak. By Feb. 29, officials reported the first coronavirus–related death of an American on U.S. soil.
As epidemiologists and infectious-disease experts begged Americans to self-quarantine and cancel social events, many of the President’s supporters in the media and Congress echoed his cavalier tone. The disease, meanwhile, continued to spread throughout the country, largely undetected. As other nations tracked and prevented new infections by testing tens of thousands of people, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had administered fewer than 500 tests in the entire month of February.
The government’s top infectious-disease -expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, called the feds’ testing program “a failing,” but it was hardly the only one. Trump’s team ignored an alarming shortfall of basic medical supplies, like masks, hospital beds and -ventilators—necessary to handle an expected surge of patients requiring -hospitalization—and tussled with governors, who were begging the White House to release federal funds to aid in preparation efforts. Trump brushed aside the mess.


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How the Government Botched the Coronavirus Response (LegalEagle’s Real Law Review)

Author by: LegalEagle



  1. To be fair, Trump was right about one thing. That reporter was a terrible reporter. The reporter offered up not even a softball question but a T-ball question. It was the easiest thing to answer. All Trump had to do was say something comforting. A platitude even would have been acceptable in this case.

    But the president not only swung and missed but lost his grip of the bat which hit an infant in the stands, killing the child which freaked out the mother who ran into a support for the upper deck and caused it to collapse and basically brought down the entire stadium.

    Trump is so incompetent that he can't even fake empathy to the extent that he might appear presidential or even like a real human being.

  2. The disaster movie made about this crisis will be called "2020 – The Incompetent and the Careless!" Corona causes deaths, yes, but it is incompetence and carelessness that ends up killing way more people, who shouldn't have been sick at all.

  3. And the Trump supporters still support this prick. The more incompetent he becomes, the more lies he tells and now the more people he kills.

  4. The government's handling of the Coronavirus is absolutely abysmal, I agree. However, I also feel like this pandemic has exposed a lot of ignorance and corruption at the highest level of organizations like the WHO and CDC. China witheld information for weeks, didn't shut down travel during the lunar new year when countless tourists were unknowingly seeding the virus around the globe, blocked the CDC, imprisoned whistleblowers, and attempted to cover up the quickly spreading virus. The root cause of this mess is more kowtowing to China. That's not to say the spread of the disease in the US is solely China's fault. Our government is responsible for a big part of that. China, however, has a world-scale responsibility.

  5. 3:52 That's wrong. Trump didn't "disband" anything. He merged three different emergency response departments, of which pandemic response was one, into a single department. He literally cut the red tape right out of the equation.

  6. I really like your video BUT the map used for Europe is not correct. Romania and Bulgaria are switched. I know it`s not a big deal for most people but I think YOU CARE that all information presented is accurate. Keep up the good work.

  7. Compare H1N1 response to COVID-19 response
    Jan 21 2020 1st case of novel Corona virus reported in US Tc0

    April 15 2009 First human infection H1N1 virus detected in California. Ts0

    Jan 31 2020 Trump declares heath emergency, implements travel restrictions Tc10.

    April 26 2009 Government declared a Public Health Emergency Ts11

    Feb 5, 2020 Test kits start shipping (each kit tests 700-800 specimens) Tc15

    May 1 2009 Test kits started shipping Ts16

    Feb 26, 2020 1st US death from coronavirus Tc36

    May 5 2009 1st US death due to H1N1 Ts20

    March 6 2020 shipped 700,000 tests (~1000 kits) to health care laboratories Tc45

    September 1 2008 1,000+ test kits shipped Ts139

    March 11 2020 WHO declares pandemic 71 days after 1st report to WHO Tc50

    June 11 2009 The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic Ts57

    March 11 2020 European travel restrictions implemented Tc50

    March 13 2020 Trump declares National emergency (2,000 cases 41 deaths) Tc52

    October 26, 2009 Obama declares National emergency (2M+ cases 1K deaths) Ts194

    March 17 2020 Clinical trials testing COVID vaccine begins Tc56
    July 22 2009 Clinical trials testing flu vaccine began Ts98

    March 18 2020 Trump invokes the Defense Production Act – produce med supplies Tc57

  8. Lockdown is for before it gets here or when it can be contained… As corona has been floating around since November and in the US before it had a name.. Were past lockdown and all it does is damage the lower and middle class.

  9. And for the naysayers who say only X number of people have died, remember that the others who are infected, there is a risk of mutation into either a better or worse version. Just because it may be predicted to be over in X number of days, well that's a wait and see what transpires next.

  10. If we had tested 100 million people, and a third of them tested positive, where would you quarantine them?

  11. Yeah, fact. Costco employees are not allowed to shop there during business hours right now so that we have supplies for members.

    Warehouses are periodically opening up 2 hours early (MORE early, since they are already opening an hour early, but only for seniors) only for employees, far, whenever I've gotten up fewer-than-8-hours after my most recent shift to take advantage of this, I haven't been able to buy everything I need (read: toilet paper) BECAUSE THERE ISN'T ANY LEFT.




  12. I just heard from Trump’s top experts the cure for the virus is trillions of dollars in SP500 companies stock buybacks.

  13. I am reminded of the mayor in the movie Jaws. He wouldn't close the beaches when the chief and scientist warn him about the shark.

  14. As Trump says, he loves the poorly educated. Sadly, there may be fewer of them before this disease runs its course.

  15. Trump has done more and acted more Quickly then any other Country to this, Had China been forthright and honest in the beginning we would not be in this place today. And id the Media would report the facts instead of there bias opinions……


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