Heaviest Bass Riff Of All Time?! (Tutorial + Tab): Track and Tabs here: https://www.talkingbass.net/heaviest-bass-riff-of-all-time-ace-of-spades/

This week we’re looking at the HEAVIEST BASS RIFF IN THE WORLD EVER (in my humble opinion!) in the shape of Ace Of Spades by Motorhead, played by the legendary, late, great LEMMY!
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Heaviest Bass Riff Of All Time?! (Tutorial + Tab)

Author by: TalkingBass – Online Bass Lessons



  1. Thank you very much for this video. I am also respectfully requesting a Lamb of God or Deftones bass lesson please. Thank you very much and take care. BLAMMO!!!

  2. Ah this is a pretty subjective topic haha. There's obviously heavier bass riffs. Besides all of the amazing bass riffs in all the metal/rock subgenres, one that immediately comes to mind is Caravan by Rush.

  3. Can I ask what mm pick you are using. All mine seem too bendy even though I use 0.81mm's
    Great vid like always by the way!

  4. Nice ! 🔥
    On a metal note, could you do a breakdown of the bassline in "Iron Maiden – Run to the hills" ?
    Always found this bass riff fascinating.

  5. Nice muting and choppy sound, wish I could play like that! When I play it sounds all over the place! 😛

  6. Good stuff. Give a run down of 'Day of Suffering' by Morbid Angel. Or 'In Hell is where she waits for me' The Black Dahlia Murder

  7. Such a fun piece. What are your thoughts on Duff Mckagan from Guns n Roses out side of the Sweet Child o' mine and Paradise City riffs that are oh so done?

  8. Lemmy had such a disgusting sound and it's gorgeous. You ever notice when something is so ugly it's brilliant? Gets you friggin pumped.

  9. As much as I love Lemmy, I'd say that Homicidal Suicidal by Budgie is the heaviest I know. Great lesson, BTW!

  10. Nice, I was just thinking of learning this song! Also, despite Drop D being mentioned all the time, I've been noticing a bunch of metal songs I want to learn are actually in Eb standard tuning.

    Originally being a tuba player (as well as other low brass Bb instruments) I've wondered have anyone ever done a sort of Bb standard turning, as in Bb-Eb-Ab-Db? Was something I've pondered yet never seriously considered, though, I am contemplating adding a bass and using a tenor (A-D-G-C) tuning since a lot of the sheet music I read generally stays in a range of notes between A1 and F3 meaning a high C would allow tighter groups of notes (and a good amount of open strings) vs the more E string focused genres I would still have a regular bass to cover. Similarly, a low B-string tuned down a half step would allow similar an octave lower, creating a sort of family of basses like you see in orchestral instruments vs simply replacing them all with a single 6-string bass.

  11. Two questions out of curiosity.
    Have you released any music of your own and what type of music do you listen the most?

    Thanks for all your vids

  12. YES! LEMMY! ACE OF SPADES! YES! An awesome player who's playing gets overlooked for his personality. Thanks! and more Lemmy please!


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