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Hashinshin: HOW TO FIX RIVEN! The perfect Jungle analogy.

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  1. The changes to Riven Hash suggested are actually really good. It would keep her high skill cap but the skill will be more on positioning and movement on the battlefield instead of just if I press my buttons at the right time you die. I think she would also need some armor pen in her R so she isn't destroyed by tanks like now but compensate it in nerfing her dmg a bit so she isn't op

  2. im fine with rivens E into something cancels but fast Q combo is just insane. it cuts almost a whole second off her combo which doesnt sound like much but when u think about that her W stuns for 0,75 seconds suddenly its pretty relevant in terms of counterplay. many champs have animation cancels and auto resets but she has too many and becomes very hard to interact with when the riven player uses these

  3. last time i checked kayle was a ranged lategame hypercarry and aatrox was a lanebully who claps immobile champs lol

  4. is he fucking for real? you can have a score 2 0 0, take 2 crabs and good farm, take drake for all team and be lvl 5, while the DEGENERADE enemy mid laner farming under turret is lvl 7 already. Stop fucking crying about junglers, yes they are strong lvl 3, but after that and till lvl 16 they depends on the team(your mid follow = win, don't = lose, a bit rarely top or bot) and stealing cs from laner CUZ FUCKING JUNGLE CAMPS SUCK DICKS. You are crying about gangs, but we forsed to do so, and if you(as a jungler) got unlucky(enemies playing safe, or your lanes don't follow) – you are doomed. Litarally stop fucking pushing that hard with no vision and you will stop complaning about jng cuz they wount be able to kill you. This is so cringe to watch when you can play like afk degenerade and be 2 lvl ahead of jng who actually does shit for his team. I'd rather choose farming meta when you were forsed to farm and gang on ult cd/after full clean, rather then fucking kill someone lvl 3-4 or your game is fucking doomed and you have 10% chanse to come back. Also is so fun to play jungle when your win depends COMPLETLY on the team(if you are playing carry and you are fed = you need your team to understand that you need to end game as fast as you can, or you can play support-late carry jng, and your team must know how and when to follow you, or just need to pray that your FUCKING top lane can actually win lane 1v1 after 2 gangs in a row and a kill at lvl 3.) You want proof that jng is fucking dead? try to play fill, at least half of your games you will be a jng.

  5. Is Kayle any better than before the rework? Because everything that made this champion so compelling got bastardized.

  6. Since yall complaining about jungle being different how about remove it and make top a duo lane uh? You like this idea Hash?

    Fucking bitch

  7. Hasinshin : the best build on Aatrox is the best build on Aatrox.
    Me : ah yes the floor here is made out of floor.


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