Ham Dogger Review: Hot Dog Shaped Hamburgers?: Ham Dogger is a device which allows you to create hot dog-shaped hamburgers. Does it work and is it even necessary? Today I try it out!

• Ham Dogger: https://amzn.to/39cFV13

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Ham Dogger Review: Hot Dog Shaped Hamburgers?

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  1. The bigger problem we all need solved is when we have hot dogs, but only hamburger buns to put them in. We need a dog-burgerer people!!

  2. I have done this before because I only had hot dog buns. I just made it by hand. You don't need a dumb plastic device.

  3. Just use the plastic wrap to make and roll the whole dang thing. Don't need any gadget for the job….just that plastic wrap.

  4. When I used to work as a kitchenhand, we made burgers with mince, breadcrumbs and egg. It was more malleable and more structurally strong than pure mince. I suggest trying this device again with this "recipe"; you use breadcrumbs as a glue, it soaks up moisture from the mince, as well as the egg, binding everything together. You would certainly get a better result with the cheese filled burger dog. I still make burgers like this, especially if I'm making a cheese filled burger.

  5. Yeah, your hand-rolled version beat out either of those other losers. I was thinking to myself at the beginning of the video, "Hey, I can roll out burger to fit in a hot dog bun all day!" Turns out I was right – thanks for the confirmation!

  6. 7-Eleven use to have these on their hotdogs rollers. They were called cheeseburger big bites,and they were great. Am I the only person that remembers that?

  7. I've handmade hamdogs before when my family wanted hamburgers, and we only had hotdogs. The kids loved it and we make them occasionally. Even putting cheese in them.

  8. I suggest making both halves of the stuffed hamdog separately.ale an indention on both halves, use a cheese stick (halved) then put the top half back on and press.

  9. The one you made came out pretty nice it's almost like you've been practicing your whole life

  10. I've made them before, believe it or not they taste just like a hot dog shaped hamburger! Could not believe it, I was so shocked!

  11. No results for Ham Dogger on Urban dictionary though if you look up the top definition for Ham and Dogger separately, together they paint an interesting picture that does not resemble this product.

  12. Do you know what even if we never buy any of these things, they’re fun to watch keep making them and you keep reviewing! I left you a comment on Twitter as well because that’s where I found this first! I think the plastic wrap would make it easier for you to twist the ends make it look definitely like a dog and then put them in the freezer bags for individual taking out to cook! A by far looked better raw! Yeah double review because of the grill!🤣 after cooking it’s still A! This is one case where I think it might be a better option for them to cook it the way you want it!

  13. Omg i cant belive that this is a real ting. In my country there is a dish just like that and its called čevapčići. You hawe to serch it and you will see. They are just perfect to eat.


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