Half-Life: Alyx – The Digital Foundry Tech Review – A Game-Changer for VR?: The review you’ve been waiting for. Armed with his Oculus Rift S, John Linneman takes on Half-Life: Alyx – a hugely important game for virtual reality… and a simply brilliant Half-Life game in its own right. Check out what makes this game so special right here.

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Half-Life: Alyx - The Digital Foundry Tech Review - A Game-Changer for VR?

Author by: Digital Foundry



  1. Somehow i never got around playing Half-Life. Now after al these years i bought Half-Life on PS2 and Half Life 2(the Orange Box)on PS3. Got my first few hours in, and totally loving it.Definitely going to get Black Mesa and after that Boneworks and Alyx. This is the plan:
    1. Play Half-Life PS2
    2. Play Black Mesa PC
    3. Play Half-Life 2 PS3
    4. Play Half -Life 2 MMOD PC
    6. Buy Valve Index and get HL:Alyx
    7.Upgrade PC
    8. Play Boneworks
    9. Play HL: Alyx
    10 Roll over and die peacefully

  2. Game-changer will be VR sets costing $100 instead of $1000. No amount of games will make it popular, let alone single game. What are you gonna do with your $1000 set after you beat HL:A? Make it gather dust? Yeah…

  3. After I've watched so many of Digital Foundry video, I've started to think that it's fascinating that you guys almost always make games looks/sounds worse than what I thought it is :-). I mean you guys almost always find some flaws or some better example than the game you're reviewing.

    This is a compliment of course, please don't take it as an insult or anything !

  4. Kind of off topic, but after seeing what can be done in VR with Half Life, I would LOVE a Dishonored game in VR…and an official VR port of Alien: Isolation <3

  5. 00:30 i thought the video was going to point out some of the innovation Alyx brought up to VR but one walks from the video with the mind set that BoneWorks is far more innovative while Alyx has the budget and IP advantage.

  6. Playable with m/kb thanks to 1 modder in two days…Valve could have easily made this work for us disabled/poor folk and I would have finally bought a headset. As it stands they wanted to sell more controllers and I'm still left with deciding if Dirt Rally and Project Cars are enough of a reason to heavily invest in a platform that refuses to recognize my existence.

  7. There is NOTHING new in this game that doesn’t exist in other VR games…so it’s just the half life universe that is the selling point here! 🤯

  8. I highly recommend anyone playing through Alyx for the first time to not upgrade to the laser pointer on the pistol. The satisfaction of firefights is greatly diminished, feeling too much like a cheat code.

  9. Hm, with the next generation of consoles coming I don't see myself upgrading my PC anytime soon.

    PS5 will probably get another VR headset, I assume. Is there a chance this game will come to console?

  10. People who say the game must be "modded out of VR" are completely missing the entire point of the game


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