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Our Spoilers Extended Review Discussion for the Plot and Future of Half-Life: Alyx and the franchise! Don’t have $1,000 for a VR Headset? Want to know what happens? The Ending? Where is Gordon? and Whats next? Find out!

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Half-Life: Alyx Review - Extended Spoilers Discussion!

Author by: AngryJoeShow



  1. time travel in this format doesnt make sense
    im an idiot for talking about time travel mechanics, but this literally is an impossible use for no pay off
    you killed a character at the end of a game to bring him back immediately before the next one….
    like wtf. also I understand G Man can do w/e G Man will do…. but he essentially looks into the future and decides that moment to allow time travel mechanics to alter the space time continuum….. seems like such a MASSIVE use of a mechanic that he could be using a million time over in everyway to control all existance…. so howd he get trapped in a fucking prison?

  2. God I hate to be that one guy with this… But I'm going to have to defend the game here on the end section that you had issues with. When you have undone all the cables, and deactivated the failsafe that brought down the Vault you have cut off the energy powering most of the containment
    of the g-man who is held within.

    Due to the powers that he possess he is able to give some of his own energy to alyx which are those green spheres of energy that pulse through the entire vault. As for the layout of the level and apartment buildings that you have to transverse, those faint ghostly figures that are appearing in there are two different timeliness of the surrounding section that the g-man was captured in. The zone is called the quarantine zone after all.

    Why the timeliness crossed is an unforseen consequence of him trying to break out. And for the section that is supposed to make you feel powerful, well maybe it's the hand tracking, or the HMD that you use, but I haven't seen or heard anything from anyone in regards to the issue you had with it… Anyway I didn't want to come across rude, but i felt it a little unfair to critique some part of the story and level because you didn't understand the context of what it meant.

  3. Half-Life 3 is on the way. Only that matters. I was a kid in 2004 and HL2 change lots of things for me. I will preorder so fast…

  4. So does the ending to this game imply that the ending of HL2: Episode 2 took place in a future that never came to be because Alyx prevented it? Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense. So in the post-Alyx future, Alyx disappears when Eli is grabbed?

  5. Let it be VR only. Alyx was amazing and 100% the most fun I've had playing a game since half life 2. They can't innovate anymore on pc and half life has always been about innovating.

  6. Gabe waited for the end of the earth so your final moments are the satisfaction of playing half life 3

  7. Think I have been playing too much doom, when the ending scene occurred I was playing the doom intro music in my mind lol

  8. 1:29 Valve didn't want to show that because they knew they couldn't surpass the 2018 masterpiece Hunt Down the Freeman.

  9. Anything related to Half Life 1 is cool. I love seeing the Vorts and Xen stuff. Now all we need is the Borealis payoff.


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