Half-Life: Alyx In-Depth Review: Watch the first hour of Half-Life: Alyx gameplay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEtgF7YTkLY

We’ve played through Half-Life: Alyx, and here’s our in-depth and spoiler-free review of Valve’s return to the Half-Life universe. We show you how the game takes advantage of VR for exploration, combat, and puzzle design, and discuss how it runs on different virtual reality headsets. No story spoilers or dialogue details here!

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Half-Life: Alyx In-Depth Review

Author by: Adam Savage’s Tested



  1. Sounds awesome. Can't wait to play this… Hopefully on psvr 2 with new move controllers, eventually.

  2. I've had VR since 2016 and this is the first game in ages that made me just smile at the beauty and immersion of being in another place. I think it was 15 minutes before I left the balcony at the start of the game! I managed to avoid all footage of the game and the Steam VR home scenes and I've never played a Half Life game either so it's all a big surprise to me. I've also just listened to this video so I didn't see anything past where I'm up to. As long as I can cope with the horror aspects thn it's going to be so much fun!!!!

  3. This is easily the best gaming experience of my 36 year life. Played 2 hours so far, been scared, laughed, been intrigued by the world design. And of course, been amazed at finally really being in City 17! Playing on a Rift S, and I honestly don't think I will bother with any single player games that aren't in VR any more, this is simply in another league.

  4. So you can´t pick up a pipe or a barrel and kill the headcrab with it? Or hold a barrel so headcrub jump in to it and than turn it upside down and put it on the ground with the headcrub inside it? And if ittry to move it just take something heavy and put it on the barrel so th eheadcrab can´t get out?

  5. 26:07 This is where you can see, that Valve put a lot of effort into the game. Someone is hoarding a fortune in this quarantine…

  6. Anyone else having problems with continues movement and playing in a seated position with this game?. Can't get it to work…….

  7. they could not have timed the release any better with the quarantine going on. people need this right now. myself included

  8. I suppose we'll be waiting for the expansion pack, or DLC featuring a certain, goatee wearing, bespectacled scientist before we get some crowbarred melee? I'm also genuinely surprised (I've not bothered with the previews) at the limited roster of weaponry, to be honest.
    I can easily envisage the 357 Magnum (with enormous recoil!), a pump action shotgun of some variety or indeed, Half-Life 2's iconic, combine impaling, crossbow adding some fun variety to the game which could be made interesting to load, manipulate and fire from a VR perspective.

  9. So.. Basically the first game worth picking up a VR set for?

    I don't think I'll ever jump in on VR, but it was super cool hearing how stoked you are on this.

  10. Dude norm probably has one of the best examples of an ideal VR space with the valve index hardware….yet I still see a bunch of VR jank in the gameplay video….

  11. Beyond annoyed that this is a VR only game. Been waiting for the third game in the series for over a decade and I'll not be able to play it for who knows how long; $500 for a decent VR setup no thanks. Disappointing.

  12. This does make VR look even more enticing but the $1000 entry price for decent VR equipment not including the PC is too steep for me for the foreseeable future. Definitely going to be a while before this gets beyond the niche market that can afford it

  13. Most HL fans don't understand that Valve pushes the gaming forward with each half life title, it was expected that "HL3" will be VR title. VR is the future of gaming.

  14. I had to wait over 10 years for another Half-Life game…

    Now I'll have to wait the same until I can afford a VR headset T_T

  15. Grow up kid and get a real life and PRODUCE SOMETHING USEFUL! So sad that the gaming industry has gotten such a foothold and burns so much time and money for NOTHING but MINDFUCK!

  16. I esd duppodrf yo play this instead of worrying about dying because of Covid… FUCK YOU COVID!!!!!!!!!

  17. Appreciate you editing out spoilers and just giving us a good ol' fashioned review. Surprisingly hard to find videos such as these nowadays, a review isn't a review anymore it's somebody nitpicking the hell out of something whilst describing the narrative in it's entirety and then throwing their opinion on top. Props to you guys.


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