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GordonJoe takes on the Return of the Half-Life Franchise in this VR Exclusive Full-Fledged Game, does it honor the original series and does it setup the conclusion? More importantly is it worth the high price of entry? Find out!

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Half-Life: Alyx - Angry Rant Review

Author by: AngryJoeShow



  1. I've been pretty close to buying Index as my first VR headset. However, since it has been out for some time, maybe I'll wait until they release something like an Index Pro with slightly better specs within a year or two? HL:Alyx does seem fun from what I've seen, but as they said, dropping $1000 for 1 title is not efficient. That being said, as 2nd generation VR headsets continue to come out, so will more AAA games of this caliber. But for the people who don't want to wait that long and are going to buy the Index anyway, HL: Alyx is bundled with the VR headset, so that is nice.

  2. Got Motion sick after 10 Minutes (having the Rift for 4 years now) until i stopped using the fast turning and just turned my body instead and walked just forwards. Played for another 3 Hours straight yesterday. SO DAMN GOOD!

  3. Discussion-style "review" for a game people have been waiting for 13 years? I am not the biggest HL fan but that's quick cashing while it's hot, wtf Joe?!? 0 gaming 'tegrity anymore

  4. Did Joe test the teleport movement option? In the video it looks like the free movement, other game journalist says you got the motionsickness from the free movement. With the teleport you got zero sickness


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