GIANT 8LB OREO! | How To Cake It Step By Step: Yolanda Gampp of How To Cake It shows you how to create super size junk food snacks out of cake! She uses her chocolate cake recipe, Italian meringue buttercream and fondant to create a giant 8 pound Oreo cookie. Watch a mega hostess cupcake be created with buttercream frosting filling and delicious chocolate ganache. Coconut chips and a red vanilla glaze create the look of a huge raspberry zinger treat. Or create smaller cakes made of spiced vanilla cake, whippets, ah caramels, honey buns, passion flakies, and cosmic brownies.

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How To Cake It brings you the best of cake decorating and baking, all the time! Watch and learn how to make top cake trends, every week. Novelty cakes with Italian Meringue Buttercream, chocolate and fondant; buttercream vanilla cakes soaked in simple syrup, frosted, and piped; sugar cookies flooded with icing and stuffed cupcakes topped with sprinkles. Looking for a recipe? Check out howtocakeit(dot)com. Tips, tricks and simple techniques. New cake compilations every Monday and Thursday at 5PM.

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GIANT 8LB OREO! | How To Cake It Step By Step

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