GET HEALTHY! How to START a HEALTHY Lifestyle Tips to OWN Your TIME + ENERGY + change bad habits: every feel stuck when it comes to starting a healthy lifestyle? sharing my tips to help you start healthy habits and learn to OWN your time & energy…you got this girl 🙂

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You guys have asked me a lot of questions about how to practically live a healthy lifestyle! I asked you on Instagram recently if you wanted me to share some of the simple but seriously lifechanging things I’ve been doing to stick to healthy habits + get rid of bad habits. How do you get motivated? What happens if you feel stuck? How do I live a healthy & fit lifestyle? And what can you do to start living healthy & motivated today? Today I want to expose my top 2 secrets to living a successful healthy lifestyle and what I think is important if you want to get unstuck and really change your life.

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Sharing healthy lifestyle tips from a faith + biblical perspective, to help you live your most healthy, confident, fit, and beautiful life! love you 🙂 xo Cambria Joy

GET HEALTHY! How to START a HEALTHY Lifestyle Tips to OWN Your TIME + ENERGY + change bad habits

Author by: Cambria Joy



  1. This was an informative video- need to learn to prioritize habits better. Do one or the other not all of them.

  2. Loved this video Cambria! You’re so encouraging and consistently have a good perspective on life and goals, etc. Thanks for always pointing us back to God. I would LOVE to see some home workouts! ❤️

  3. I absolutely love this video. It encouraged me so much especially about committing to goals and prioritising whether I am choosing what I want now or what I want most

  4. You look great girl! You can tell you are so healthy and have been for a long while! Proud of you ❤️

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos!! Still go to AB workout videos you posted a while ago and use them! Yesterday used one of your workouts! God bless you chica, stay strong, stay positive, and always keep your eyes focused on Jesus🙏🏾❤️

  6. I love your videos! So encouraging and uplifting. I am currently working on my health and you always inspire when I start lacking motivation. Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Your message is always on point! Thanks again Cambria! <3 I really love this video also for your reactions to when stuff doesn’t go quite right. I hope to react more like you do someday. (: I also can’t do my very simple makeup and talk at the same time lol!

  8. I so love your spirit! I would love for you to also make a video on how to get back on track with your eating as well as working out (INSIDE OUR HOME OF COURSE)😉😜

  9. Thanks for this video really looking forward to watching it. You probably won’t see this comment but I just wanted to let you know that our year watched one of your vids in PSHE at school in England and I was like “I sub to her!!!” It was a good video, one about healthy eating. Thx for da education 😆❤️❤️

  10. Hi Cambria!
    Lobe watching your video’s!! Always helping me a lot! I have a question could you make a video about the candida diet ? Hope to hear Soon! Love Ellen

  11. This video is something that needed to hear! Thank you for making this video! Reading my bible everyday has been a struggle and I honestly have been lazy with it. The enemy is at work in us and he drifts us away from God by distracting us. I know I can do it and these tips helps me to prioritize my day better. I love you and thank you for being so encouraging and showing the love of Christ throughout your videos. ☺️❤️

  12. In quarantine and binging all of your videos, love your content Cambria! ❤️ I’ve taken on new cleaning habits, minimizing all of my junk, taking part of a Bible course to help with my time with God, and just really trying to enjoy my time off.

  13. You're just the loveliest, most gorgeous inside and out person ever. Thank you for your videos you spread so much positivity <3

  14. I love how real your videos are.. the place you live in is absolutely beautiful truly inspires me to explore my place too. So much love for you and thank you so much for your inspiring videos. <3

  15. Love this videos great tips. I'm definitely going to get ready everyday. I haven't been as diligent sense in quarantine. I could literally live in leggings, but I think it will help me feel like life is still a little normal. Thanks for your awesome video and positive energy it really helps. Maybe you can do a video about how to have a positive attitude and energy. I've really struggled with this.

  16. Firstly, I love how you shined light on the FACT that vegging-out is considered a priority to you (and alot of us) it was just funny to hear it in that context. Secondly! To help get likes…you can ask us to like your video in a different language each video, which you'll have to learn and practice LOL. I think that would be so funny and clever and interesting! And only your fans will know why you do it 😛

  17. I LOVE YOU!! Thank you so much! You inspie me to become a better version of myself. Your advice help me along the way and inspire me to continue <3 Love you Cambria!! :*

  18. Loved this video! I had the most random idea for the thumbs up thing. You could totally draw a smiley face on your thumb (a mini Cambria) and then put your thumb close up to the camera and be like “please give this video a thumbs up” and the thumbs like eating a cookie or something 😂

  19. This video made me smile. Thank you. Great tips especially right now. Again thank you for your positivity. You rock!

  20. Omg I am so glad you are uploading videos again!!!! You inspire so much inspiration in my life you keep me motivated to stay healthy and work out more!!!! Please stay awhile!!!!!🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤


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