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The first Apple computer I ever bought was a MacBook Air in 2009. When I think back on my favorite laptops of all time, that machine ranks very highly to this day. Why am I talking about a MacBook Air, on a review covering a Samsung Windows laptop? To make this point: if what you want is a super portable notebook with powerful features … you don’t always need to look for an Apple logo.

In today’s video: the Galaxy Book S. And while the first thing your eye might go to is the Samsung logo, or the impossibly thin casing … the biggest deal for me, is this: it’s the first “Always Connected PC” I’d actually buy. Come find out why in MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy Book S Review!



MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy Book S Review was produced following two weeks with a Galaxy Book S review sample provided by Samsung. The unit was tested on Verizon LTE in Brooklyn NY and Eastern Long Island, NY. The lone sponsor of this video is Blinkist; neither Samsung nor any other company paid a fee or otherwise offered compensation in exchange for this coverage.

Additional video by Michael Ezrachi.


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Galaxy Book S Review: Featherweight, Ultra-Thin – And No WiFi Needed

Author by: MrMobile [Michael Fisher]



  1. 7:57 you've got to have balls to let the laptop stand on that railing without fearing that it might drop because of a breeze since it's so light

  2. The major problem with the pitch to business people is that their think pads and lattitude have had mobile data connectivity as an option for years with outstanding battery life and no compromise in processing

  3. Michael how do you like Brooklyn so far? I hate it so much cant wait to retire and leave to Florida

  4. Please start reviewing mobile routers
    They are the best cheaper option and need to get better but I feel it won't till big names review them

  5. 9.99??? I heard that right? Sorry unless its specked to the max its kind of annoying how they think 999$ is a fair price for a “ultra light pc”. But love ur reviews on everything! Keep up the good work!

  6. 8:04 I wonder if yet more misinformation will kill this thing before it has a chance, I mean, ARM gpus can sweep the floor with intel's, but since everything has to be emulated now we get this same rhetoric; "no video editing, no games, etc" even though it could do those MUCH better than intel's garbage if even a single app was made for it

  7. In the olden days, DELL XPS L502X model had a simcard slot built-in, right inside the removable battery section. Have a look. I am not sure if it had always-on connectivity or not but the provision of SIM insertion was available about 10 years back.

  8. 'Everyone "dogged" me for using chrome during my (some laptop) review, so I used edge, and it was actually pretty good.'

    Well no sh*t, the Edge version u r using is based off of Chromium. But honestly, it doesn't matter what web browser u r using for testing. Firefox, chrome, Edge, etc performance should be similar. Keep up the good reviews MrMobile!! Luv ur videos since Pocketnow.

  9. Great review as always ,Fisher !!😃

    Could you plz suggest a budget laptop for graphic intensive activity like video editing

    Thanks in advance 😊

  10. How tf is this guy's sub count frozen? YouTube, you gotta start recommending his vids to EVERYONE. The quality is effing amazing.

  11. why does window not do well with sleep mode? i think if mac can do it, why can't windows? is there a reason?


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