Freud Netflix Original Series Review: Freud is the brand new Netflix Original series and this is my Spoiler Free Review! Explain your thoughts on the show, characters, and ending down below!
Young psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, investigates a conspiracy in 1880’s Vienna.

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Freud Netflix Original Series Review

Author by: Austin Burke



  1. I’m a psychoanalyst and I’m very ambivalent about watching this show.., I feel it’s gonna be so bad and appalling that I might die, yet I also wanna see in case it’s so bad it’s actually funny………

  2. I am just waiting for Never Rarely Sometimes Always on VOD. What are your thoughts about this movie. Are you excited?

  3. Hey Austin, Great review as always! Your content is my favorite:) Will you be reviewing the movie I still Believe once it goes on VOD this weekend? 🙂

  4. Well I watched the first episode and then I saw the telegram and investigated the dates.
    How did they get glue ?

  5. But as for Freud. I haven’t seen it, but I honestly have no plans too.

    It just sounds weird. But that isn’t at all what freud was like at all.

    It just sounds like an Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter type of dumb.

  6. Can you watch Devs on Hulu?

    A new original series by the director of Ex Machina & Annihilation.

  7. Hey Austin! Do you watch anime? I've just realized I haven't seen an anime review on your channel (except Castlevania I guess)

  8. Stolen from a comment in the trailer released on YouTube

    "Oh Freud,when you say one thing ,but means your mother!"🤷‍♂️

  9. Freud was not a detective lol. He was a doctor who gave his patients cocaine and told them they were sexually attracted to their parents lol


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