Free Update | Sunset Harbor Tutorial Part 5 | Cities: Skylines: ⛵ Available on March 26th on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $14.99/€14.99 ⛵

New Healthcare Buildings gives you access to the Child Healthcare Centre. It will allow for a higher birthrate in the city, and the Elder Care Centre will take care of them when they grow old.

The metro will bring your metro out into the sunshine, with the new Above Ground Tracks! Raise its possibilities higher than ever before!

There are also many improvements to game mechanics, but you can read about those in the Dev Diary linked bellow!

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Free Update | Sunset Harbor Tutorial Part 5 | Cities: Skylines

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  1. We know you were really looking forward to this video 😉 Which part of the free update is the most exciting for you?

  2. How do people run this game so smoothly?!? I have 32g, rtx 2060super, i7 7700, AND it's on an SSD. That city would have my city crawling in the 20-30 fps range. and thats without mods or assets.

  3. What am I missing here? It says it costs 15 euro but then there is a free update. Are there gonna be 2 versions on the 26th? Like a regular game update for free and then a DLC? Or is this news a free update on the development? 😀 I am lost

  4. so, intercity trains were available for free in a past patch update, but now intercity buses are paid?

  5. I still have a question: will the metro tunnels be modelled inside like in the MOM so we can ride the trains underground as well or will the tunnels stay invisible like they were?

  6. I don't know how to get the free update because my game won't do it automatically. Can someone help me? I've tried restarting both my computer, game, and steam.

  7. "The new Elderly Healthcare service, allows your people to live longer, and more importantly, to keep paying taxes."
    N I C E, let's tax them to death.

  8. Does the update fix the traffic issues where vehicles stop in the middle of the road to change lanes? Or improve their routes to flow better?

  9. Very disappointed that the new metro system isn't going underground, overground, and wombling free.

  10. Let's take a little time to appreciate BSquikhausen for creating the famous Metro Overhaul Mod which may inspire CS developers officially launched this exciting vanilla update!

  11. I wonder how loud is it for the metro to run above ground. What are the differences with monorails?

  12. It might be bad timing but legit adding a virus as a disaster would be amazing , then based on the level on it is how deadly it is , and you can have areas where people can get tested , add like road check points and even put your city on lock down , and even a lower level one could even just become like the flu to you and will always stick around .

  13. I wonder how childcare affects birthrate. Might get out of hand or keep constant influx of citizens?

    Elderly care increases average lifespan – Does it mean citizens live longer in every stage of their life, some, or only in last stage of life – when they do not work anyway?
    That could create a problem with too many people who do pay taxes, but closing factories for not enough new people to work there.

  14. I think Cities Skylines expansion which allow your cities to have Summer Games (Olympics) will be great. Since they can utilize the micro management introduce in Parklife and Campus while also challenges player on how manage traffic, hotel capacity (can tap leisure system introduces in Afterdark) and overwhelming numbers of tourist in the city.

  15. I have a Nintendo switch edition but why no sunset harbour update in Nintendo switch cities skylines😢

  16. To be honest: not every DLC was worth the clicks to buy it. But the new metro stations look interesting. If the underground- / tunnel-graphics would be fixed for first-person-cameras (like at TransportFever of Urban Games) the DLC would be worth more…


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