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Following A Bob Ross Tutorial With Only Markers *i surprised myself*

Author by: SuperRaeDizzle



  1. I call my older cousin bob ross (because his hair is like bob's) but he's not even close to as sweet as bob ross.

  2. Rae Can you please make a colored pencil ver. Pls?? I would like to see how it looks like when its done ♥️

  3. Rae : *goes to art gallery and puts her drawing *
    Manager: ma'am would you like to register your painting
    Rae:no its a drawing
    Manager: OMG

  4. I saw a B o b R o s s video, and it was so relaxing! And really nice! His art comes out like magic!

  5. Hi rae you are sooo fun I love u soooo much. You know when I was watching your video I was literally doing the same picture as u but with watercolour and guess what it looks soo nice.And by way you and Bob ross are angels sent to the world I love you so much.

    Love 11 year old Sareena.
    Btw checkout my channel pls it would be an honour I spend so long editing and making my videos.

    PS love you ❤💗💛

  6. Rae: Oil paint can take months to dry.
    Me being full of oil paint on my hands after painting: Nooo!
    Mom: What in the world happened to my house!?


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