FNAF AR Freddy FrostBear DIY Tutorial! | FNAF Plush FUNKO!: Follow me on instagram! https://www.instagram.com/_slyp1e_/
Thanks JacksonPlayz30 for the intro!
JacksonPlayz30 Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtC2GEsL4eFpMyJi9PgVOPw

FNAF AR Freddy FrostBear DIY Tutorial! | FNAF Plush FUNKO!

Author by: SLYP1E



  1. I bet nobody even asked you this question but I made my own fan made character I want to know if you could try to make it as a plush and then send it to me please do it please!!!!!!

  2. I know the ANIMATRONIC does not exist but make a bloodthirsty foxy plush just imagine what it would look like and do it please?

  3. Me and my friend wanna make ocs outta my blacklight guys and now that i saw the Freddy i love the blue and i have the blue freddy

  4. I like your vids slyp1e. Do you know Grim Foxy from the curse of dreadbear
    Fnaf vr? Can you make a plush of grim foxy using a nightmare foxy plush?


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