FIRST DRIVE! New Land Rover Defender Review 4K | Top Gear: It’s finally here! The all-new 2020 Land Rover Defender. And we’ve got our hands on a lovely Pangea Green 110, before the smaller Defender 90 comes along next year. But being such an iconic off-roader, we couldn’t just do a humdrum review. So Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix decided to go on an adventure – across Namibia – for a test drive to remember.

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FIRST DRIVE! New Land Rover Defender Review 4K | Top Gear

Author by: Top Gear



  1. This one looks like a proper and capable SUV while the Discovery looks like a minivan converted into an SUV. I still hate the way the Discovery looks.

  2. „There is nothing sporty at all in here, it’s definitely a Sports-Utiliy-Vehicle

    It’s an offroader goddamn, why call everything SUV??

  3. I like to see the test done in Iceland winter time 😂😂😂
    More like city 4×4 than off road car

  4. Good footage. Well done JLR for daring to publicly put the new through its paces off road, even if ot was a short trip. Most true 4×4 owners are very sceptical about this new Def, given the previous one reliability short comings. I hope JLR continues to dare prove the models reliability by doing proper overlanding expeditions. This should up the critics. As much the overlanding community loves its Pajeros/ Shogun and Toyo 70 series, we 'd all be delighted to have more comfort and everyday practicality. The big one is reliability, can ot survive 3000 km off roading. Kimberly trail next?

  5. Turbo-charged, supercharged, hybrid and it has air-suspension? What could possibly go wrong ? 😂

  6. They'll be a lot of haters saying "this is not a proper Defender", "this is what the Disco should've been", but admit it, it's awesome and it does look like a NEW Defender! ♥

  7. Now i have two fav off-roaders G63 & Defender..@Top gear we need a comparison of these legends…pls

  8. … does make me think.its an updated Freelander 1, especially with the side rear door and size too.

  9. This is what I want top gear to be more of, more serious but not so serious and no stupid sarcastic rubbish

  10. Bringing back memories of driving a 110 around Namibia for a week back in 2008. Beware the potholes…

  11. If you guys wanna see proper 4wding go and check out 4wdaction youtube Chanel. They show you what proper 4wds can do!

  12. I think Jack didn't get enough sleep as you can tell in his eyes. Great video btw. "Absolute stunning"

  13. Such a shame all of these are terrible on fuel, I honestly think it's success will be very limited because environmentally they are a disaster, especially this range topper 400bhp but even the most modest engined version is rubbish on fuel!

  14. Styling aside , landrover isnt renowned for reliability and far from it actually , to load it full of electronics is mad . And should have been live axle .

  15. Top Gear needs to realize that their current line-up of presenters and editors are nowhere as interesting as Jeremy, Richard and James ever were so anytime we watch their content we are here only for cars and don't care about anything else like the idiosyncrasies and quirks of Mr Rix.

  16. But first I want you to know how it drives……….you know, on an actual road. Dude lay off that tongue in cheek superiority complex you British have!!! You bloody landed in an international airport and stayed in a five star hotel, the only reason Namibia doesn’t have… know, an actual road, is….actually you know the answer to that😒 it’s 2020 and the BBC still allows such a narrative to sip into mainstream programs!!! Couldn’t even continue watching because as a proud African who… know, drives on actual roads everyday is disgusted!!!!!!!


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