Fast – Fun – AND EASY! Nine Sisters Quilt Tutorial :): ENTER GIVEAWAY!

Pattern is HERE:

Everything you need to make the same quilt!

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Fast - Fun - AND EASY! Nine Sisters Quilt Tutorial :)

Author by: Jordan Fabrics



  1. I'm the weirdo who is not normally very much of a batik fan, but I love what it does for this Nine Sisters pattern…you may convert me yet! LOL

  2. Thank you for this lovely tutorial, I’m sure all your fans appreciate what Matt and yourself are doing for us, please stay safe and healthy xx

  3. Thank you lovely lady for such a gorgeous quilt both in design and in colour scheme. I love how ivory or light cream go with autumn colours to create a warm inviting nest. I know that i appreciate your effort every time you make a new delight for us because i am housebound, but more so now than at anytime before. It is the lovely people like yourselves that put up new projects to keep our spirits up and our minds on something other than the horrors that are ongoing at present. I hope that you, your family be it real or workforce are able to keep their health and spirits up at this time. Take care to all the lovely people at Jordans who keep us going in projects and the where with all to keep us going. Crafty hugs being sent, from Norah, Glenochil Village, Central Scotland

  4. I am really not a batiks person BUT after viewing the finished quilts I am amazed how beautiful they are. Your videos are always so well made and fun. My favorite materials are Kansas Troubles. I will have to break down and order some batiks one day. Thank you so much. Prayers that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.

  5. Thanks so much for doing this pattern. Have been waiting for your spin on it. As always clear instructions and great fabrics.

  6. Love the 9 Sisters quilt you made , you make it look so easy. And I absolutely love the give away quilt. You’re an amazing quilter. Thanks for teaching us. I hope you and your family are doing ok through this tough time we are all going through. Stay safe all. Thanks again. 🥰🥰💐💐😘😘

  7. Donna, while we are in a "stay in place" mode. This is another wonderful tutorial. I'm thinking about more spring like colors for a large quilt. I can make now and quilt later. You included so many tips and techniques with this tutorial. So, again, many thanks. Going over to look at fabric.

  8. Like all your work this is outstanding. You are the best quilter on the the entire net. Love from Israel. Keep safe.

  9. Hi Donna lovely video as always. After I watched your video my mobile phone showed me a video of Matt cutting fabric for a rail fence quilt for you to make the next day. I found that video so calming. Matt's soothing voice and calm manner really had an effect on my day. We are on lockdown in London and feeling very frazzled he actually made me feel better. Thank you Matt. Long may you reign. ❤️👍😁👌

  10. Another beautiful one Donna! Thank you for this video. We're all in Lock down here in the UK and it was lovely to get a notification for this video. God bless you!

  11. شغلك مره مره حلو الله يعطيك العافيه و ياريت يكون في ترجمة و شكرا لك

  12. It's beautiful. I am always waiting for your videos. May I know which batting do you use? And in this quilts, what is background fabric, it looks tone on tone. Is it available on your website?

  13. What a beautiful quilt and the batiks really set off the pattern. This is a must. You do make it look so easy.

  14. I just ordered this pattern from you the other day! Love the fabric you used, so will probably be ordering the jelly roll and the border fabric next! Thank you for all your wonderful tutorials. They make me want to do more quilting because you make it look so effortless!

  15. That one simple little tip to use a dumbbell on one end of your template seems kind of simplistic until you try it. It has made a world of difference in keeping my cuts straight and reducing the strain on my hands. The second thing I've learned from you is the value of "finger pressing". I don't have beautiful nails like you so I'm just finger pressing, but this little trick has also helped my ironing immensely. Learning these kinds of things makes watching your videos so worthwhile to me. Out here in the Alaskan Bush, such expertise is usually hidden away. Thanks Donna for sharing your talents with all of us!! Blessing to you and yours!

  16. Прекрасный мастеркласс. Я много у вас учусь. У вас много эффективных приемчиков в работе. Очень красивая ткань. И отменный вкус в создании изделий!

  17. Hi Donna another great video. Are you doing Cozy Quilts Sewquester 2020 QAL with Cozy Quilts?


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