Fan Made Numberblock 9 Figure – Simple Crafts Tutorial for Classroom or Homeschooling: In today’s video we are making Number 9 lookalike from construction paper. You can use this figure in your math classes (or just as inspiration for various STEAM activities).

Please note that in this tutorial we don’t glue the cubes together (so you can use them for counting etc).

We made Number 1 here:
And Number 3 here:
And Number 8 here:

First we design a very simple box with the Foldify app.

Check out Foldify here, iOS:,id_40296.php

Then we add stickers for eyes and mouth (we made them in Photoshop but of course you can paint them by hand as we did it with the eyebrows).

Then we printed it out, cut, scored, folded and glued. 9 cubes in total 😉

Finally, for a little fun, we let our robotic helper assemble the Nine.
You can use this as inspiration for your coding classes. Any remote controlled or programmable robot will do, we used Ozobot as it fits inside the cube.

That’s it!

If you want us to make more of videos with DIY/ crafts tutorials… let us know in the comment below!

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Fan Made Numberblock 9 Figure - Simple Crafts Tutorial for Classroom or Homeschooling

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