Everyday Makeup Tutorial!: WANT MORE?

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Everyday Makeup Tutorial!

Author by: Indiana



  1. this is really off topic but i just watched ur sip or spill video and i watched josslyn and ur taste in music is amazing

  2. She Just Being Herself And That what amazjng about her I Enjoy BratTv Chicken Girls Also But She definitely beautiful and Her Music Is Good and Happy To Be Fan But Also I Hope U Safe and Well God Bless I hope you have a good day 💛🌙💯

  3. Love❤ the bonding u have with ur fans making time to reply to most of them. Indi u beautiful with or without makeup doesn't matter.😊👍👌……

  4. Do u have a subtile accent? I can’t tell it’s not an insult and u don’t need to fill ur eyebrows they’re amazing without product

  5. I love Indi so much but I wish she still had her Australian slang. I from Australian lol that's probably why 😂 Sunshine Coast best place.

  6. I love your eyes <3 btw I was rewatching chicken girls did you really cut your hair was it a wig lol I think was in season 5 one of those episodes.

  7. Indiana you’re so beautiful and inspiring keep doing what you’re doing. i’ve absolutely loved to see you grow into your own self these past few years! 🤍🥰

  8. I think that Indiana Mascara has THE prettiest eyes. Glad that u noticed the black blob, it kind of spoiled it lol . Don't come back to Oz at the moment there's a bug getting around xoxo Stay safe and stay where you are . Love from SA Mate

  9. wait i think on the tatcha moisturizer u can take the mini spatula from the top and use that to apply it. my friend has it and that’s what she does😂

  10. Omg, you are so pretty. I don’t even think it’s possible to be that pretty, but here I am proved wrong. I am such a big fan and I love your music and your videos just in general. My birthday is coming up soon on March 31. And I just wanted you to know that you are a great person and deserve the best for life. (Ps I love chicken girls)

  11. hi Indi u should do a video about what,s on my iphone!!!Love u!! How are u?? i'm a big fan of u and mads on chicken girls and tik tok and i wish i could see u but i'm from the uk but can u tell mads i said and by the way i follow and u and mads on tik tok

  12. lndiana I love you so much you are the best Watching You and Your Friends on chicken girls it's so amazing I love you guys so much💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  13. I love your everyday makeup look Indiana it's really cute can you do some type of fashion look like wats your styles for clothes mines is more like a tom boy comfortable outfit look I love you Indiana 💜💜💜

  14. It makes me soo happy for some reason when I hear indi say: "Guess who's back, back, back, back again, again, again. Itz me Indi!" In her videos lol 😂❤

  15. Hey, I'm your biggest fan. But, u don't reply me any time. Anyways the video is amazing. You r osm. Love u Indi.


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