Easy Eyeshadow Tutorial for a Dreamy Day-To-Date Makeup Look | Charlotte Tilbury: Discover Sofia Tilbury’s quick and easy eyeshadow tutorial for gorgeous day-to-date makeup. Using Charlotte’s dreamy Charlotte Darling Easy Eye Palette, discover how Sofia creates a magical peachy pink, shimmering eyeshadow look that dazzles and delights from day to night!


Easy Eyeshadow Tutorial for a Dreamy Day-To-Date Makeup Look | Charlotte Tilbury

Author by: Charlotte Tilbury Beauty



  1. I just bought this palette and I loooove it!!! I also bought copper charge but that hasn’t come yet! Can’t wait 😊

  2. Hi I adore this palette it’s gorgeous, I recommend this it’s ease of use ! My favourite ! I have all charlottes quad eye palettes and I am only using them , I adore them so much , I have bought two of charlottes new collection the blue eye palette and liner pencil also the green and eyeliner pencil but I had the first version of rebel so I use the two and they are amazing , I need to save up to buy the other two from her new collection but can’t wait !

  3. Great video, I would love it if you or your Aunt would add SugarPuffandFluff to your PR list as she's in the UK and doesn't get much from brands sending her products and she loves your products so much. She's been a You Tuber for a very long time and that is how I learned about your products. What a nice gesture that would be, hope you can make it come true……She doesn't know I've been asking but I really thought now that life has slowed down you will read this one. Hugs to you xoxo


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