Easiest Way To Create Hair in Blender – 5 Minute Tutorial: A tutorial on how to make hair in Blender 2.8 with curves, a method that is very simple and effective that I have been using for my character sculpts.

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Easiest Way To Create Hair in Blender - 5 Minute Tutorial

Author by: YanSculpts



  1. Hi Yani,

    I am working on a ten part udemy course in head modeling and in the introduction where I talk about the history of modeling, I reference your youtube channel telling people you are one of the best out there.

    Can I have a 1 second video of you saying: "Hello !" so that I can put it in my course ? Thanks.
    And also did I get your name right ? Can I have your full name or however you would like to be addressed by the internet. [it's a complete bootcamp course so don't put silly handle names thanks ;p]

    This is the script where you will appear:
    When it comes to 3D sculpting, there is one person above all else that stood out for me, and his name is xxxxxxx, he has the perfect combination of sculpting skills along with teaching talent, this is his youtube channel:

  2. Can u make your next video on how to present Ur character like on your portfolio or stuff like tht and how to use lights and depth of field to enhance the composition (not compulsory only if u have time thts all 🙂 ) love Ur videos

  3. FINALLY an actual tutorial for hair. I've been struggling for a very long time. I just started learning blender. Thank You.

  4. If I have access to Zbrush, I wonder if it's worth it for me to learn Blender or Zbrush first? I know the basics in Zbrush but I'll always have access to Blender so maybe I should put my time into Blender 😀 i dont know. for now I am just drawing a lot studying 3D form as a 2D artist

    I was in the need of stylized hair techniques, but mind reading is illegal.

  6. Can this method be used if I want to make a hair that is all connected, like for example 3d printed figure hair?

  7. Hey Yan! Thank you so much for all the content you are putting out! It has been extremly helpful!

    I just have one question; How do you sculpt eyebrows? Same way as hair? I have been trying to get into character sculpting but i can't seem to find something that specifies this, and I know it must be extremly simple but i just can't gifure it out!…

  8. omg omg Thanks so much Yan for finally tackling a hiar tutorial in blender. Been looking for one since 2.78 days. Now I can finally try n re create my dog in Blender now. 🙂

  9. Jesus man… I'm completly blown away by you channel, and blender in general… Your videos are so high quality, and it's all free.. you have my most deepest respect, and you are a huge inspiration to me. And I'm a guy who has 20+ years of 3ds max experience, and have worked in the AAA games business for the last 10 years…
    I am making my own game right now (check my channel), and I'm slowly switching my whole workflow to blender, and I'm very excited to do so.. Thank you for making these videos, they are EXTREMLY helpful ❤️

  10. please create kaneki from Tokyo ghoul. never actually seen a vid of you creating an anime dude


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