Dragon Ball: SUPER Review (Part 2) – The Universe 6 Tournament: Universe Six Tournament Saga

Earlier in the year I did my Dragon Ball:GT Review series that everyone seemed to get a kick out of 🙂 And so I decided to tackle Dragon Ball Super this time. With it being the worst Dragon Ball series in a long time to a lot of people, I figured a review and video essay was long overdue for the now finished series.

Last week I tackled the first 27 episodes of the series with the Battle of Gods and Resurrection F arcs, and this week I’m gonna be taking a closer look at the Universe 6 tournament featuring some of the best moments in the series for many. Can anyone say… Kaioken?

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Dragon Ball: SUPER Review (Part 2) - The Universe 6 Tournament

Author by: Totally Not Mark



  1. I never liked the idea of the super dragon balls, they never said who made them, and I thought dragon balls where a namekian thing only.

  2. okay so this isn't related to the quality of the review or anything, but I would've only done the Xin Jinping joke once – the subtlety with which the first one was dropped made me double take and I think it would've been hilarious if you'd just never brought it up again and made me wonder if I'd been hearing things

  3. Lies! That clearly isn't the Chinese president! That bear can take some hits and punishment and not be fazed by it. The actual President Bear of China cries like a bitch and throws temper tantrums over the slightest grievance or insult.

  4. Could you do a review on super's music? I feel as if its underrated and overshadowed by the constant talks of its art, animation, plot and etc.

  5. 13:57 this is not a terrible stance.
    Vegeta knows nothing about Hit but since he is the last guy and he is suspecting that he is strong, he stops guarding and starts inspecting him. Also tries to taunt him to attack and he even loses his temper when Hit just stands around. He was going for either a dodge based on instinct or a counter.
    This is a very basic observation.

  6. It's funny, at the moment this stopped everybody is like "What, it's over? But… But…", now the majority doesn't want it to come back because they don't want the series ruined further. Especially if we have the "bland" Moro arc to go off of.

  7. I remember laughing my ass off at the recap episode, if only for the fact that it is just utterly unapologetically pointless. Almost insultingly so, but hilarious non the less.

  8. Your one of my favorite Youtubers. Not just because you make Dragon Ball videos, but because you dedicate so much time and effort into your videos. Time and time again I see Dragon Ball channels explain things with lazy analysis and poor editing. However, I can tell you actually are invested in the videos you make and really care about it. When I watched your Dragon Ball Gt review I didn’t recall any of the bad memories I had from it and I was open to hear your take on the show. For that you have gained my full respect. Thank you, I really look forward to watching your videos every week.

  9. I think the Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken moment is the only moment in DBS that I can say the dub did better
    Idk the way Sean puts so much strain into his screaming, harkening back to when the Kaio-Ken was actually straining on the body, mixed with everyone's reactions (including Hit who is played by the lad Matt Mercer), it's just an incredible scene that Funimation did extremely well dubbing

  10. Vegeta: You can take away my planet
    you can take away my family
    you can even take my pride

  11. The slouched stance that vegeta takes is a follow up in story telling from the resurrection arc remember whis told him he’s always uptight and needs to relax a bit when he fights

  12. Fuck DBS. Honestly. If you never watched DBZ before and started this anime, you’d think it was total shit. Until you get to the ToP. This is just a fact and I speak for 100% of everyone. Fight me on this.

  13. I really hate that this is last we ever see of the Resurrection F outfits for Goku and Vegeta. I really liked those outfits, and it makes sense to give them a slightly different look for this new series. Plus, they're supposed to mark them as Whis' pupils, which they still are throughout the entire rest of the series. So, why change them back? I guess because Super has to lean heavily on nostalgia for brownie points instead of building on it like GT. Whoops! Did I go there?

  14. I will always hate Cabbas stick design and just can’t get behind his character. I feel like Caulifa and Kale were much better in terms of character and design, though they are still bit sticcy

  15. It cant be only me that wanted to see the dragon fist when Goku launched himself against hit after the Kamehameha right?


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