Doom Eternal REVIEW (This Game is Amazing!): Doom Eternal is the most fun single player shooter that I’ve played in a long time. Today I wanted to share with you my Doom Eternal review and Doom Eternal gameplay from PC. I won’t be doing a Doom Eternal walkthrough but I will be having a lot of fun streaming it.

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Doom Eternal REVIEW (This Game is Amazing!)

Author by: Drift0r



  1. So far I’ve been absolutely loving this game, spent 7 hours straight on it yesterday and 8 today, haven’t spent that long playing a game non stop in ages now as I don’t play as much really as I used to but this so far has to be the best FPS I have ever played, it’s so addictive I just can’t stop once I get into a rhythm, makes you feel so good and powerful. It’s strange though because I wasn’t a big fan of Doom 2016 never finished it and it just don’t click for some reason. But absolutely loving this, so glad I took the risk after not loving the first.

  2. Idk why but when I hear anything DOOM related, I get a major hard on and just wanna exercise while listening to I Prevail.

  3. 8:25 use the flamethrower and immediately switch to a heavy weapon after breaking the shield. Also jump more , makes the demons miss more attacks.

  4. 90% of the complaints I’ve seen are “game too fast” or “game too hard”.
    I’m bewildered. I did my first playthrough on ultra-violence and while it was a challenge, by no means was it insanely overwhelming.

    Drift makes a good point. You’re intentionally not given enough resources, and are encouraged to play aggressive to get them back. It’s brilliant

  5. lol can't help but chuckle that you told everyone to get their flu shot a few months back, only to find out NOW that the shot exacerbates covid-19. In the future, I think this is a good reason to never give medical advice. Back on topic however, its Effin' awesome to see you talk about Doom eternal. This is my go to game right now! Stay uninfected and healthy brother… IDK if you've heard what the DOJ is doing, but i have a feeling if it moves forward, Texas may finally become it's own country. I personally won't recognize ANY authority that has violated their oath to protect the constitution. Would love to hear your take Drift0r!

  6. Would be interested to hear your review of the multiplayer. In my opinion, it's one multiplayer mode of 2v1 is pretty lacking. I would love if they brought out a campaign co-op mode, TDM, DM, Infestation modes etc.

  7. So basically get good or die alot…im in trouble i just bought this game yesterday and ive never played any of the dooms..i can almost beat dante must die in dmc5 its insanely difficult maybe i can beat this doom 1st try…wish me luck

  8. Super cool game so far.
    My #1 complaint is that the resource system forces you to play how they think you should play, not how you want to.

    If I could change anything, it would be that using a wide array of tactics and equipment would be rewarded, not forced.

    Forcing me to pull out all the stops just to survive an encounter makes me feel more like I'm Jason Statham in Cranked than the Doom Slayer. Every encounter feels like you barely survive, where Doom 2016 had you walking out unscathed when operating at peak efficiency, like the BA the Doom Slayer should be.

  9. So I'm guessing eternal doesn't feature the snap-map mode anymore? And I saw that the mp is now a 2v1 demons vs. doom slayer mode? Aw, ok. I mean, I know Doom 2016 got it's fame from the sp, but kinda sad to see all the side modes get tossed aside, so to speak.

  10. The only downside I could ever point out for this game is that the multiplayer is terribly unbalanced. I've played 30 plus games as the slayer and I have not lost A SINGLE match. I feel like the demons need a serious buff. (Im on console)

  11. the tl;dw is that it’s faster, more customization, more fleshed out combat, assload of hidden secrets that are fun to get, outstanding lore, fun bosses, lots of glory kills.

    if you liked doom 2016, this is that game
    on steroids.

  12. How? HOW? How the hell does anyone say this garbage is good, let alone amazing??? It’s absolutely terrible compared to 2016. It’s disgustingly bad. Super corny, terrible special effects, lame and overdone environments, horrible and stupid story. I really don’t get it

  13. I don't typically listen to many YTers/Streamers about games.

    Bruce (xcal) said the game wasn't anywhere near as good as it's previous release and the essentially took the "enemies are strong, you are weaker" approach as well requiring some outside media reading to get the lore they are going with.


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