Doom Eternal Review – Best FPS ever?:
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Doom Eternal Review - Best FPS ever?

Author by: Worth A Buy



  1. I actually kind of like the platforming. It gives you a chance to take a break from the carnage and really paces the whole thing out a lot better

  2. Yeh they should not have to put all that shit in it, mods, skills, collectibles, platforming. Doom should be just pure fun, uninterrupted fun.

  3. The DOOM Eternal dev appearing on Joe Rogan's Podcast makes it pretty obvious they're paying their way to the top. It's pathetic.

    At least RAID Shadow Legends has sexy little K-pop characters I can crack one out to

  4. I always hated collectibles in all games. They are more annoying than anything. Especially in a Doom game that should be about smoothly shooting demons with pace of mind, collectibles would just “Doom” you brain.

  5. I know that doom is about shooting things but I loved the horror doom the most. Was it resurrection?

  6. 7.5? All because Mack sucks at platforming. Couldn’t complete a level on nightmare and gets stress headaches. LOL. So you complain about the repetitive combat but when the game challenges you on environment traversal you go into your sniveling geek voice because you suck at it. Your Laura Croft characterization is asinine. Laura doesn’t wall climb, jump off and curb stomp or chainsaw demons.

    I beat the game on nightmare and had no issues with the platforming. Some of the best parts of the game such as the Mars Core asteroid field, jumping from chunks of rock and dodging spinning sections of blown apart bulkhead was amazing. The dash, double jump and wall climb mechanics enabled Id software to make such complex levels.

    Then you go onto bitch and moan about the progression system? Yeah good call Mack, games with fewer options are better. You know jack about core gameplay. Take the chain gun mods. The game through its mod progression gives the player the option of defensive shield or the quad turret which is more of an offensive mod. The game is asking you which do you prefer as we ramp up the difficulty on you the player. To add this level of complexity what are they to do? Have every mod an item pickup? That’s stupid. A streamlined progression system is the way to go. This channel is a joke now but it’s been leaning in that direction for a while now. Garbage tier review. Subjective score based on Mack’s weakness as a player and tendency to get overwhelmed or inability to grapple with platforming segments.

  7. Health-pickup/ammo-pickup gives meaning to having secrets scattered around the map, also maybe a weapon, like in Doom II where you can get rocket launcher on the first level. The collectibles should all say 'ammo was here'.

  8. thank you for giving a realistic review!
    I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the big reviewers. It’s like they’ve never seen a video game before. They’re just wowed by fucking anything, no matter how crap it is


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