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Doom 2016 hit the gaming scene with all the adrenaline inducing action shootout one could hope for. How does the sequel hold up? Here’s my review for DOOM ETERNAL!


Doom Eternal - Game Review

Author by: Jeremy Jahns



  1. love all the game and game related reviews Jeremy's putting out !!
    this may be the greatest FPS game of the generation, along with Titanfall 2.

  2. I’m exactly the same with whatever I play! story mode on a tough difficulty? No problem… multiplayer? Ass kicked and teabagged everytime 🤷‍♂️

  3. I absolutely turned auto swap when empty off. Killed by rocket self damage by way of that mechanic several times… but oh my god what a masterpiece of a game.

  4. Can't afford it tbh despite loving the first one. Using this time at home to play through my large ass catalogue of games I haven't finished yet.

  5. There's actually a Real easy tricksploit to the marauder. 90% of the time he will only Axe Wave you if you are squaring off with him. His AI gets FUCKED if you just run the hell away from him. He will basically always start sprinting after you without attacking until he gets in his green eye range at which point he will almost always green eye attack. You can kill him without ever having him hit you if you just run away. He won't even send his dogs.

  6. I hate the Marauder so much, if he wasn't so damn fast and completely immune to damage while the shield was up they wouldn't be so bad, hell just make it so we can break the shield

  7. The first couple times I fought the Marauder, I was almost at the point of rage quitting, that dude made me so angry…then I learned how to deal with him and now I almost enjoy the Marauder fights. The Archviles on the other hand…I'd be happy to never see another one of those ever.

  8. This game really pushes fps shotters to the limit and you really need to learn muscle memory if your not used to fps shooters

  9. I still haven't played the first one yet.
    No, not the original. The reboot, people.
    Anyway, congrats with the experience!

  10. Dude, you were NOT kidding about the game being faster and more aggressive than DOOM 2016. And The Maruader… F@$% that guy! It's like the roles were reversed where YOU'RE the demon and HE'S The Slayer. All and all, I enjoyed this game.

  11. Hey Jeremy another game review🤪, I don't really play games, but I'm going to give it a like and a comment, are you going to review some Netflix shows? That would be great 💙

  12. You like the Slayer Gates and want to play something like them more? Try out the Master Levels. Not many out yet but more to come. Essentially some of the previous levels from the campaign but with way harder enemies that what would normally be in them.

    Find them on one of the consoles in the Doom Fortress where you select levels.

  13. Played it, glad I spent the money, I love both 2016 and Eternal for different reasons. 2016 to me has a more traditional doom story and feel. Eternal is the evolution of 2016 and pushes it all over the top, and that's fine with me. Like Jeremy says, if they continue in this same vein itll be good times.

  14. I swear to God Jeremy, you could be a voice actor. Your impressions and range is unreal. I'm just saying if you did a compilation of your impressions its be quite the portfolio. Just saying. Love your vids, longtime subscriber, we like your personality so keep posting this stuff.

  15. You played it on a PS4. Gotta give to ya mate. You gotta play it on PC next. I'm playing on both and PC is just postal!

  16. Some of it I liked, but I have to say there was plenty i didn't.
    DOOM 2016 is about as perfect a FPS as you can get – and while DE has lots of graphical and game play improvements some of the decisions made with story and excess padding to make the game longer just ended up to me making the game a chore to finish. And don't get me started on the utterly stupid platforming……turning Doom Slayer into Lara Croft, who's genius idea was that!?!?!
    DE was far too disjointed and flabby compared to the whirlwind of perfect battle arenas, movement, story beats, and weapon upgrades of Doom 2016.
    The up grade system of DE sums up the whole game: layer upon layer upon layer of 'stuff' to simply pad out a simple mechanic.
    I remember when I finished Doom 2016 I immediately wanted to play thru again, but once i had finished DE I was just relieved it was over……And i didn't even say that about Doom 3!
    the devs should have been a bit more self critical and realised the game was far to fat and overcooked, they could have trimmed a lot of the stupid stuff out of the game and we would have had a serious sequel to Doom 2016. Don't get me wrong, DE is a good game, it's just not a great game like the 2016 one.
    The studio must have thought that cramming more and more 'stuff' into the game meant it was better: but like a Michael Bay movie – just because you have spent lots of money on fancy CGI 'spody bits and slo mo running don't mean your movie is any good….
    I gave Doom 2016 10/10 and it's still my gave FPS of the genre
    I'll give DE a 7/10 because in parts it's really good, but in several places you'll be hating jumping around like a flying squirrel endlessly, some of the battles are just same old same old, and the story is unintentionally bad….
    If they make a Doom 3 then i hope they focus on being more like the 2016 game and not DE.

  17. You should review Enemy from 2013, it's directed by Denis Villeneuve and I'm curious to know your thoughts on it.


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