Doom Eternal Final Review: Reviewed by Ryan McCaffrey on PC. This review combines our single-player campaign and Battlemode multiplayer reviews into an overall final verdict. Doom Eternal is also available on PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

Doom Eternal Final Review

Author by: IGN



  1. Doom Eternal is awesome. It's a GOTY contender. But it's starting to stray a little far from that classic doom feel. I understand it's an evolution and mechanically superior. But the next one should perhaps be similar to Doom 2016, focus more on atmospher rather than bombastic action areas, and maybe have a co-op. Eternal rides the line – it's Doom alright, but any further out there…it wouldn't be. Great game.

  2. "This game really makes you feel like the Doom Slayer" 😂
    Seriously, this game is 10/10 or 9.5 bare minimum but hey atleast they didn't review too badly 🤷‍♂️

  3. Doom Eternal has won Game of the year as of this moment. Let's see if The Last Of Us Part 2 or Cyberpunk 2077 can dethrone this Titan

  4. Oh come atleast deserves 9.5/10 they even added a lot of amazing lore stuff and it's a HUGE improvement on Doom 2016 which you guys didn't know how to review!

  5. This game looks amazing, and I loved 2016's, but damn if I'm not spoiled by VR right now. Half-Life Alyx has raised the stakes.

  6. I'm not one for 9 vs 10 on scoring but why a 9 and not a 10? Seldom does anyone ever explain why a game isn't worthy of a perfect score. Just curious here.

  7. is it fair to judge a campaign as a say… 10 and the multiplayer as a 7 and come up with something in between?
    doesn't seem fair.
    it's just a 10 then and ignore the options.
    (I know this particular review doesn't apply to the question)

  8. Awesome game with alot of replay. Will be great to see a third game on the next gen consoles too. Havent decided yet if I will do nightmare from a fresh file or through mission select with all the upgrades from my first playthrough. All the options are great though. Planning to do the master levels on nightmare as well. Havent tried the online yet but looks interesting.

  9. What the hell was the point of the review is doom the hole point is killing demons how the hell people not going to get this.

  10. Even though the multiplayer in Doom 2016 wasn’t that great I still would have liked Eternal to have something similar.

  11. Doom Eternal is killer. Loved Doom since the original and I love this one too. I'm totally buying the soundtrack too. This is an early GOTY contender for me.


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