DIY – How to Make: 7 EASY Quick Crafts | STAY HOME AND CRAFT #WithMe: By Request: STAY HOME AND CRAFT with My Froggy Stuff!! We asked all of our Fabsome besties which quick crafts you would like us to try to make and we got a long list of requests!! Today we pick 7 of the top requested EASY quick crafts to show you how to make with recycled items you can find around the house! … These crafts are fun and easy plus they are great at passing the time!


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DIY - How to Make:  7 EASY Quick Crafts | STAY HOME AND CRAFT #WithMe

Author by: MyFroggyStuff



  1. Froggy,
    You should make a face mask. (Not the medical kind the one that like clears you're acne and stuff)

  2. 12:28 when i paused that i saw something at the book saying

    Sophie and Chloe are Sommer and Cali in a different universe a parallel universe to be exact

    just saying

    i just wanna share the thing in the book

  3. I have an great idea u should make a airplane for barbie dolls it would be great idea

  4. First aid let can food how about for a big project a camper and tent fire and fishing pole have you guys ever done a farm life house or life doll.

  5. I would like to see some animal crafts.
    I hope you and your family are all safe and healthy. Looking forward to more of your fabsome videos.

  6. You should make a updated detailed hospital including IV and medical interments also pls make pointe shoes pls

  7. If you lightly mist your painting surface with water before you apply your paint and a little during, the blending will go much more smoothly

  8. my hiatus of this channel is over…girls out of school and this channel never disappoints. so many great ideas I'm literally in awe you can go on foreverrrrrr!!


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