Control: The Foundation DLC Review: IGN’s Jonathon Dornbush reviews Remedy’s first major expansion for IGN’s 2019 Game of the Year winner, Control. Watch Jonathon’s review of The Foundation DLC to see new gameplay and find out his impressions how this return to the world of Control fares.

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Control: The Foundation DLC Review

Author by: IGN



  1. I don’t know How you can Make a review when clearly you don’t even have the dame game done yet?! 🤨 You gonna tell Me that you already have this game done , that’s Bolshite and you know it. Typical IGN! 😏 Making a review before they even actually try it For themselves, But at the same time act Like they already have played it.

  2. Well I cant play it, cuz its timed.
    But can't wait for the AWE (Altered world events) dlc or should we call it Alan Wake Event.

  3. IGN's called control game of the year on release..the only way control will be game of year is by default if the other big hitters get there releases dates push back due to a pandemic..


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