Contemporary Dance I Choreography Tutorial With @MissAuti: Hi all!! Today we are learning a brand new contemporary dance. I am so excited to be teaching you choreography you can learn at home. This is a level friendly dance class that has dance turns, dance floor work, and more!! Don’t forget to pop over to my dance warm up and flexibility stretches vlogs so that you can be nice and warm before taking this contemporary class.

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Contemporary Dance I Choreography Tutorial With @MissAuti

Author by: Auti Kamal



  1. i love your choreos. Can you please show us a "smaller" choreo? As you know, many people have to stay at home due to the Coronavirus and not everyone has that much space. It would be so great. 🙂

  2. Auti, I love your choreography and wish you put out more choreo videos while we’re all at home. I know that might be hard on you and your editor. Thank you for always being consistent. I use your videos on the days I don’t have dance class.

  3. Contemporary dance is regressive. Classic arts are so much more refined and technical. Most of the modern arts are ugly..listen to the music, notice the sculptures, paintings, etc., look around at the architecture and fashion, compare this contemporary dance to her ballet videos…it looks like she’s just messing around. 🧐🙁 Stick with the beautiful classics everyone.

  4. With no dance going on due to the Coronavirus, I thank you SO SO SO much for this dance routine!! It is so much fun, and so beautiful!! Thank you!!! <3

  5. Damn! that gracefulness 😊 Hope next time you'll do an extreme level of contemporary. I just loved the balance and graceful of your dances Ms. Auti😊😇

  6. Hey I loved the video❤️ I’m actually a beginner and self-taught so I wanna say thank you so much for your helpful videos and love you so much🥰 hope you respond💋💋

  7. Hello! I’ve been practicing my fouettés à la seconde for almost two weeks now but my hip really hurts when i do it and i don’t know if it’s because i am doing something wrong or if it’s because my hip is not strong enough. I’ve been feeling the same pain when i do my développés à la seconde too. Any tips?

  8. Huge fan since day one I’m a dancer and you’ve helped achieve so much with being you!! Stay this way forever!! Plz notice me:)


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