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Childish Gambino drops an album out of no where on 3.15.20 titled 3.15.20. I’ve listened to the album multiple times and i must say from an initial feeling this one is his best yet. I feel with every album Gambino surprises us more and more showcasing his creative talent giving us refreshing new sounds all the while still being his quirky weird self not really changing for anyone. Enjoy!

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Childish Gambino - 3.15.20 REVIEW/REACTION

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  1. i don't why people won't hear you talk in depth about an album, You so good at it. They are missing the real content by only listening to your reaction

  2. It was an amazing experience listening through Heaven Or Hell (Don Toliver), Chilombo (Jhené Aiko), After Hours (The Weeknd) and lastly 3.15.20 in a row. These gems, at least for a while, made me forget about the crazy events of 2020.

  3. Ima go out there & say the song you’re talking about at the beginning is “little foot, big foot” wild guess lmao

  4. hey meami i know you probably won’t see this or you probably will but you’ll ignore it. but hey i think you should react to mexican corridos, “Corridos Tumbados” by Nathanael Cano,dont know if you’ll like but it seems you’re open to new music and genres so i don’t know, maybe give it a shot?

  5. I respect yall opinion but this too me was fuckin garbage i dont vibe with this type of music but i do like his older shit where he was rapping more💯

  6. Longer length songs that are also great, don’t seem long, like the songs on this album and like songs; Frank Ocean- Pyramids, Kendrick- Sing about me, Justin Timberlake – Pusher Love Girl etc.

  7. The last song is the best one. I agree with ur least fav track. I grew to love the album after couple more listen.

  8. I watch your videos because you talk so much. You on a whole different level from all other reactors because of that!!

  9. This is the album of the year, I’m bias though because he’s my favorite musician ever but in my opinion it’s the album of the year

  10. Despite everything dat have happened in 2020 we have been blessed with so much music and its just getting started

  11. MAN I BET ITS THAT WEIRD JUNGLE BEAT AUTOTUNE OFFKEY RAP THATS HIS WORST HAHA. i dislike that track too but weirdly appreciate it artistically

  12. im guessing little foot big foot AKA 35.31 IS the dumpsta track to him. and tbh the only track I aint rlly like either


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