…but I think Doom 2016 was better (Doom Eternal Review): Doom Eternal is amazing. I love it. You should buy it. But it has some things that make it imperfect, things that Doom 2016 seemed to ‘fix’. It’s weird that these things should be broken again.

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...but I think Doom 2016 was better (Doom Eternal Review)

Author by: Skill Up



  1. I finished doom 16 one time and never touched it again, it had no skill involvement at all, it was plain boring after act 3. Eternal is the dark souls of FPS, cant see how people like doom 16 more lmao

  2. Once again ninja proving he is an absolute knob even when he’s shown for a few seconds. Great review as always skillup!! Will you be reviewing persona 5 royal??

  3. With all the lockdowns going on this is gonna sell to keep people sane at home. Does not matter if its good or not

  4. Great review! Its VERY cool that they make games like this that aren't made for 10 years old. I think I will pass this time around. While I had fun with Doom 2016 once I finished it I never played it again. Not sure why actually. Main reason for me passing on Eternal is the platforming. In 1st person games it's one of those things I really don't like that much. Plus I don't fancy ammo economy.

  5. I think my three least favorite things about doom eternal are 1. Marauders 2. The purple stuff that makes you run at a snails pace and doesn’t allow for jumping 3. Everything to do with how little ammo I have even after fully upgrading ammo ( only 24 shells in combat shotgun).

  6. DOOM Eternal is mentally exhausting to play. It's like a match of Overwatch except there's a hundred times the enemy density and they're all in your face all the time. When you're done managing cooldowns on useful skills you spend half the time performing glory and chainsaw kills and the other half looking for basic enemies 'cause you need some of that ammo or health vomit all over again.

    Combine that with the menu overload you're presented with – Runes, weapon mods, crystals, batteries, yadda yadda yadda. So much to detract from the shootie bits. I can't just enjoy the shooting. The game requires me to actively engage and participate in all of these other activities and it kind of detracts from the experience in my opinion. For a game with such a simple premise it is just too busy.

    Level design very hit or miss, some are amazing and some are forgettable metal factory walls in demonland. Music is awesome but this time around way too in-your-face and it keeps going even through some exploration bits, gets tiresome. Too many collectables – I know they're "just optional" but come on, I'm stopping every 2 steps to stumble over another unsolvable-until-I-get-the-key/item-later puzzle. Too many things distracting.

    I do love how the arenas you fight seem more dynamic now. You're no longer caged in a square room after squishing a demon ballsack, encounters seem to happen because the demons are actually there. They don't just zone in 100% of the time. Levels have a more natural flow disregarding collectables. But 2016 was just overall way more coherent.

  7. I do agree with the platforming. It tends to slows down the game but not in the right way. Its distracting at times. But other than that the ammo scarcity is awesome 🤩

  8. Duuddeee the marauders are some of the sickest fights in the game. I get it though. They function as the queen on the chess board homie.

  9. I just wished it was a lot of a darker setting like 2016 was.. loved the atmosphere running around Mars demolishing the hordes of hell.. this still has that awesome & brutal feel but it just feels a bit more light & fluffy in some spots. But just a few.. but the MUSIC. Jesus Christ the music is fucking 10/10. The weapons feel great.. of course.. the new melee & glory kills are fucking outstanding. Every single one of you owes this game to yourselves.. go enjoy this shit Slayers!

  10. The Marauder inhibits the core combat loop and flow the game tries to establish. Waiting for an enemy to attack you is the exact OPPOSITE of what you do in DOOM. Also, those purple sludge areas do much the same thing. Bitch, if I wanted to walk slowly through an area I would go play a walking simulator.

    Agreed on the tutorials as well. There are way too many of them. If you NEED to have them, go tuck them away in a menu somewhere and I'll look at them if I want. I don't need every aspect of the game spoon fed to me thank you very much.

  11. I love how all the great gaming personalities on YouTube take tiny shits on CleanPrinceGaming lmao

  12. I've just gotta say that in my opinion, doom Eternal was better in every way that 2016. However, I can understand why some may dislike some of the changes such as the decreased ammo. But I thought the change fit perfectly into the whole "doom dance"

  13. the problems with marauders is the difficulty, not the marauders per se, in every clip on this video, Ralph is fighting trying to hold his ground in a 5 meters radius, the marauder it´s designed to shoot you if you don´t move, if you keep moving, it wont shoot you even if you are 1 slayer bisep reach of it, his shooting is his way to keep you moving

    That´s why everyone should play this game on nightmare, on nightmare you can´t play like this video, it´s impossible, the game asks you constant movement, and you can engage better with every mechanic the game has, even ammo, the game spawn constantly minor ia in the borders of the arenas so you can run and chainsaw them, i really feel like you should have played the game in nightmare like hugo martin told us to, he said the game is tuned to be played at nightmare to really apretiate all the mechanics the game has, if you play other difficulties, this things happen, which is a dev problem and by no means a player problem, but just lilke doom 2016, playing in nightmare shows you what really was on the designers minds while doing every mechanic the game has to offer

    marauders in every difficulty but nightmare, are not tuned well enough to the way the game is forgiving in the lower difficulties in relation with the movement and how the flow of the combat should be, lower difficulties let you play the way ralph play without killing you remorseless, but the marauder it´s fighting like you are on nightmare and are constantly moving

  14. 99% of the criticism of this game boil down to people not being willing to adapt. People want to play it in a far more mindless manner like Doom 2016 taught them. You can't do that. You have to actually consider what you're doing and train smart habits. I scrolled through the comments and literally every damn person saying it's not fun clearly just sucks. One guy said he played it for ONE hour and decided it's boring. There's no possible way you can understand the mechanics well enough in one hour to even make that judgement. It's a cliche at this point, but so many people want instant gratification. They aren't wiling to push through a few hours of sucking before they get to the rewarding feeling of it all starting to click. Doom Eternal has humbled a lot of people and they don't like it.

    "I hate having to manage resources this much"

    You just suck at managing the resources. Get better at it and it won't feel like a chore.

    "Having to switch weapons this much is tedious"

    You just suck at switching weapons. Get better at knowing when, where, and what weapons to switch to and it won't feel tedious. You'll just know and it'll be all the more rewarding.

  15. Doom 2016 does seem better in hindsight. More focused, not so tryhard at self worship. The being on fire thing especially looks cheap. Especially in the terrible third person cutscenes. And the low ammo cap isn't my jam.

  16. Hugo said in an interview that the whole game was tuned to force you to play in the style they want, because it tested most “fun”. I can attest that If you play focusing on playing using all the new systems everything that he struggled with you can deal with easily.

  17. I like the plat forming. I’ve heard a lot of reviews complaining about it but I think it fits in well.

  18. Doom 2016's combat was a kind of chaotic dance. Keep moving smartly through the arena to avoid damage and properly prioritize enemies that are the most immediate threat. If you wanted to use the Rich Get Richer rune (Infinite ammo when above a certain armor count), you had to be good at avoiding enemy attacks.

    Doom Eternal's combat feels more like a frenzied panic. Despite all the extra mobility you're given, enemies are almost guaranteed to be hitting you near constantly. Enemy projectiles move blindingly fast now, and a lot of them have homing properties too. If Rich Get Richer was in Eternal, it would be near useless on account of how much damage is being piled onto you. You're stuck frantically juggling your weapons as ammo runs dry so quickly, so you can't always use the best weapon for a particular situation.

    Overall, you feel less like a dominating powerhouse like in Doom 2016 and instead feel really fragile with how quickly you can die even on Normal. I guess they implemented the Extra Lives mechanic for a reason. They knew in some way that the enemies were little overtuned.

  19. the silly chainsaw ammo gimmick i think is there excuse for no death match or team death match(though they could remedy that but just actually giving players ammo),i do enjoy the combat but it does feel like a running gimmick with the flame belch crap for armor and goofy chainsaw thing for ammo and a bunch of other things,and shit with all the jumping and the rotating fire bars i thought i was playing fucking Mario at some point,the game is decent however i would personally give it a 7/10 for me the combat gimmicks and platforming hold it back and a lack of player choice on how they want to play, it just does not live up to Doom 2016 IMO

  20. I will say though that the menace of the Marauder was cheapened by having to fight him the same way when he appears – multiple times throughout the rest of the campaign – as a mini-boss enemy. Amongst a heavy firefight with all the other demon types, including the tougher ones like barons and dread knights, the fact you can't harm them at all while the shield is up stops being a careful wait-and-strike battle, it becomes straight up tedious. You can't focus on when you can shoot him because you're being hurt by everything else, and you can't thin out the enemies around you without being blindsided by that FUCKING WOLF he spawns.

    I pray for the people trying to beat Eternal on ultra-nightmare, 2016 was tough enough.

  21. You say in regards to the ammo limitations: "People don't play DOOM for a cerebral experience. They just wanna shoot demons in the face with whatever gun they damn well please."

    I think you've forgotten what the original games were like. If you loved the plasma rifle in DOOM 1&2, and never wanted to use anything else, you'd run out of ammo fairly quick, as the ammo for it is much more scarce, forcing you to use a different weapon.

    Since 1993, DOOM has always systems like Eternal's in place, this is just a reimagined, modern version of it. You've always had to think and do resource management in DOOM, and again, this is an evolved, modern version of that. As much as I love 2016, in my opinion, that game was more "mindless" than the originals. You could gauss cannon and super shotgun your way through everything with no consequences.

    For the people who wanted a direct, more of the same sequel to 2016, they might be dissatisfied with this game's design. For the people who want an updated version of the original DOOM design philosophy, I'm willing to bet that Eternal's gameplay fulfills that wish. It certainly does for me.

  22. Story- loved it, i was afraid that it would turn into this generic shit but the Doomguy just doesn't give a shit and that turns the generic stuff into "generic stuff but with the doom slayer" which was really entertaining for me. everybody telling him he shouldn't do what he's doing and him completely ignoring everything they say. and when samuel hayden, a really smart guy told him there's no easy way into mars this guy just says "fuck it ill shoot a whole through the fucking planet and then shoot myself into that whole" also the scenes where there are humans are ridiculous.
    Platforming- enjoyable, better than the 2016 long halls, not great but is greatly helped by the hella impressive landscapes plus the jump off a grabbed wall feels really good.
    UI- sucky yucky, 2016 was better
    Marauders- bad. just bad. really badass visual design. really bad and ass gameplay design.
    The weird change in immersion- why does everything have to look wacky and arcadey. in doom2016 when you picked up a new weapon it had a cool animation of picking it up off a corpse or something, now it's just a floating green weapon, in 2016 the ammo and stuff looked kind of like ammo and stuff. now the health looks sometimes like blue potions from fortnite and the rockets look like toys.
    The combat changes- a matter of preference that im finding really hard to make a decision on but i think it makes it more replayable so that's a bonus.
    soundtrack: fucking delicious (better than 2016? idk, i don't think so)

    overall id say it's better than Doom 2016.

  23. yeah, no, fuck the marauders. Every time I saw one of them my mood soured towards the encounter instantly. If an enemy showing up consistently causes your players to be like "uuugghh, god damnit," then it should not ship. Even my friends that watched as I played through in Discord could tell that that enemy was whack. Every thought I had about the marauders you mentioned in your explanation as to why they are bad, and I hope the memo is understood by the devs.

  24. Doom eternal is an improvement

    Let me explain

    Learn how to platform and stop complaining and Also the cutscene Works because you're the fuckin doom Slayer , what you gonna do ? Watch a random character shove all this exposition in your head and send you to kill demons like a fuckin brianless machine ?

    No you must move , intract , do something , you're a fuckin Legendary warrior not a Brianless machine , Also platforming gives some variaty to the gameplay and make you immersed

    And the lack ammo makes more "stratigy" focused then just running and gunning over and over again until you get bored , now you must play smarter , you dont have that much ammo you have to pick your shot accurately and use a stratigy
    The Only Thing that i Can agree with you on are the marauders but some actually managed to figure out a smart stratigy to kill them so yes , get good noob

    If i want i would make a video explaining how this game managed to improve doom 2016 and prove to everyone that you're wrong

  25. The only bad aspect of doom eternal that jumps out to me is the HUD. Doom 2016 has a much more simplistic HUD, and I'm a sucker for those. I wish Eternal stuck to that. Instead it crammed a bunch of shit on the screen.

  26. It's perfect apart from the Tyrants. They're cool the first few times I encountered them but they started to get annoying.


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