Brutally Honest Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review: Is Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch the best game in the series and one of Nintendo Switch’s best games?

And more importantly, is it a game for you? This is our Animal Crossing New Horizons Review!
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Brutally Honest Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review

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  1. Taking out the nes games is what ruined the game for me. Just imagine if they had expanded on the idea & we had Gameboy & super nes. Disappointing

  2. Pretty cool landscaping !! Inspirational ~ I am sad of Not enough beloved Villagers! I have 3 villagers so far Slowly moving in! I take it slow. I am not Cheating, not Duping and Not time traveling! And yes Love the DIY crafting!! I want that Monster Statue!!! Hey do you or could you please explain the Custom Designs ? I have 0 knowledge nor EXP about it. I do not have Nintendo Online so am I missing out on QR codes? Awesome Vid ! Keep up the good work! I can't wait to unlock the music! Wow good to know on the Unskippable cutscene when people leave/ enter your island!! And agree Best Switch Game ever! So many ideas!

  3. I love how much everyone loves this game (including me) I see new designs and rooms online- people taking their boyfriends or girlfriends on museum dates- it’s so so pure- it’s AMAZING!

  4. I would love to win the digital copy you’re giving away as my birthday is April 2nd and I’m stuck in quarantine haha

  5. I personally like that the tools can break. It really makes you value them more, and it really brings that survival feel to the game play.

  6. As someone who's sharing an island on my Switch with my sister the limitations with both local multiplayer and shared island progression. We were both excited when we found out that we could played together at the same time but it was pretty disappointing how limitations diminished our experience with the game, like the fact that the follower player can't access their pocket and has to switch tools one by one or how you can't visit the randomized islands while playing on locally this takes away a lot of the fun of playing with someone else since you're limited to doing things on your island.

    I know this is highly unlikely but it would be great if Nintendo can change this to allow players random islands and progression to be shared between all players living on the same island.

  7. Without time-skip the game is painfully slow and my gf is a purist so there's no time travel allowed. Its sluggish

  8. I've been enjoying the game, though have yet to actually see any friends visit. At least balloons still float by when I have my gate open. It does seem like the arrival takes longer than other games in the series, but I still love the game. Looking forward to figuring out how I want to design my island (Besides moving my house off the beach and possibly putting a moat around the side and back).

  9. As I watch this, my brother destroys the cherry 🍒 orchard I put up in animal 🦒 crossing. Don’t worry, the pear 🍐 trees 🌳 survived.

  10. I saw you could craft an Ocarina in Tom Nook’s tent, that’s a Nintendo item that can decorate your house with.


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