Brinn Nicole | Deja Vu (Full Tutorial) | Pumpfidence: Full performance link with music:

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WOW! A FULL tutorial to a combo of mine LIVES right here on YOUTUBE for YOU, my beautiful PF gang!
This is my first time ever doing this here (4th tutorial ever put out) and I began filming my @Pumpfidence classes for YouTube in 2013! #ThankYouQuarantine

I truly hope you all let your guard down, take a deep breathe and welcome in all my teachings that come from the pit of my HEART!
I want to see all of your hard work so don’t forget to share you are learning this and TAG me!
Instagram: @LoveBrinnNicole @Pumpfidence
TikTok: @BrinnNicole

Choreography by me (duh)
Thank you deeply to for filming and editing as well as @johnny.d.young for helping!

Love you all!

Brinn Nicole | Deja Vu (Full Tutorial) | Pumpfidence

Author by: Brinn Nicole



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