Breakneck just got 3 BUFFS in Sandbox 2.8.0 (My Final Review on Breakneck) | Destiny 2: So we’ve touched on Auto rifles among many different archetypes that all got buffs. However, Breakneck got 3 BUFFS in Update 2.8.0. Today we’ll be showing the new TTK values of Breakneck, as well as how well Breakneck performs in this meta.
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Breakneck just got 3 BUFFS in Sandbox 2.8.0 (My Final Review on Breakneck) | Destiny 2

Author by: Aztecross Gaming



  1. Breakneck is breaking hearts out here.
    Edit: btw, let me know how audio sounds today. Tweaked somethings again, then forgot what I tweaked…

  2. Yo a shotgun that I don't know why more people aren't using or talking about that you should try is Badlander. Even though shotguns have reduced 1 hit kill potential than before, Badlander feels like 4th Horseman that is way harder hitting, easier to control, and has way more range. I have the godroll (full choke, accurized rounds, slideshot, quickdraw, and range masterwork) and no one can beat me in a shotgun fight with a normal shotgun

  3. Look first let me say that you could review a turd and I think it would be entertaining but im so fucking sick of auto rifles at this point. Id give my left nut for a Handcannon review of any kind.

  4. Your damn right about it being bad for controller users it feels really clunky and don't know if it,s just me but the ttk feels really long compared to other auto,s

  5. Imagine loading into a crucible game to do your weekly games. You just need to do 4 and you hope they go by smooth and quick. Then you look at the enemy team and see…. Aztecross! At that moment you realize it’s going to be a long day.

  6. "not that everybody walking around with max resilience" – Aztecross

    "102" resil on my hunter with stompees – Me

    okie [._.]

  7. You nailed it at the end. A classic in this community. why use one weapon when there is another that is better in almost every way? Bungie has an impossible job if we're honest. Which we are not because we want everything to be godlike and that just can't be.

  8. Turn breakneck into a 600 and just make a new perk that makes it turn into a 720 after 1 kill and faster reload boom done. I think it would be better then a 450 and it we wouldn't have to worry about 3 different stacks. Just x2

  9. I just hate that damage goes down.
    I wanna see a comparison between break neck with the equivalent archetype and rampage.
    breakneck with 1 rampage with equivalent AR of that archetype with 1 rampage
    breakneck with 2 rampage with equivalent AR of that archetype with 2 rampage
    I bet it wouldn't appear favorably in any of those

  10. I like how breakneck works in pvp. You have to start with the ok, and once you get a kill you use that to move in and start tearing people. It's not busted, but rather it promotes a playstyle that revolves around getting that first kill. It's not like hardlight where you get 49 rounds of overpenetrating, double damage ricochet, no damage fall off rounds. If you tear someone apart with onslought times 3, it's because you had to get the kills to get there. It isn't just handed to you like other autos.

  11. 8:54 Is there a single weapon that feels better on a controller? One could say a 180 rpm handcannon does, but it's not about the weapon, it's just that everything else kicks like a mule, making a 180 hc feel more competitive on console than on PC, but that's about it. Not hating or anything, just another console user rant (PS4 here).

  12. Kind of cool that I was thinking about this weapon today and wondering if you be reviewing it again. Thanks for all you do man!

  13. Great video was wondering if you could look at the either doctor I got one recently and I've been kind of loving it but I would like your opinion GG

  14. Awesome video as always. For future videos would you show charged with light weapon buff mod to the damage stats as well?

  15. They really need different sandboxes in pvp and pve. Pvp breakneck is decent but gets outclassed easily by other 600rpms. In pve breakneck is still horrible! I’m going through all my ammo in like a minute. It needs to do more damage in pve or have a bigger mag. They add all these artifact for autos but yet no one uses them because autos are still garbage (minus suros and hardlight)

  16. What's the point of Rampage if damage is going down? Just remove it all together and make the Onslaught perk work on itself. Increased RPM for each kill

  17. Bruhh… what if we had a Le Monarque catalyst that left a LINGERING poison cloud after each precision hit that lasted for like 3 seconds. That'd be pretty cool.

  18. Everyone out there going nuts with their auto rifles and i'm still over here in the corner with my Sturm and Drang.


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