Bowling Pin Guitar Cyberpunk EDM

Bowling Pin Guitar Cyberpunk EDM

@joe Bruno bass

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Dovydas’ Guitars 🎸
Fender American Ultra
Fender American Pro II
Fender Player Series
Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty
Schecter Banshee Elite
Schecter Apocalypse
Schecter SLS
Taylor 814ce
Luna Ukulele
Luna 335
Halo Clarus
Schecter 7 string Acoustic

Dovydas’ Pedals 🎛️
Wampler Ego
Ernie Ball VP
Matthews Alchemist
Boss OD-200
JHS Colorbox
Boss MO-2
Strymon Iridium
Boss SY-1
Wampler Terraform
Boss MD-200
Boss DD-200
Walrus EB-10
Walrus Arp-87
Boss RV-6
Walrus Slo
Matthews Astronomer
Ernie Ball Cables
Schmidt Array Pedal Board

Dovydas’ Live Looping Setup 🎹
Boss RC-505
Roland SPD-SX
Boss GT-1000
Zoom H6

Dovydas’ Vocals 🎤
Shure KSM8
Boss VE-500
TC Helicon C1
Earthworks SR-314
Studio Mic

Dovydas’ Guitar Strings 🪢

Dovydas’ Guitar Amps 🔊

🛸 #dovydas

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